Before you take a bite of that burger.....

This would be worth a look. This is totally disgusting.

Thanks for the info, but it has nothing to do with racing.

Did you even read what he posted? It does have to do with racing, more specifically Citrus County Speedway.

get over it

Sir I understand you have issues with citrus and more so Gary but every eating establishment has code violations and they are open 7 days a week. Really getting old ethier race somewhere else or go fishing as you bought a boat. But let it go your driven yourself crazy with hate.

I have not driven myself crazy…just pointing out some good information :grinser010::grinser010:

and da point is…?

Like the warnings on a pack of cigs, is there anyone that thinks short track food will extend your lifetime?

If one assumes that there are no violations (and btw, do we trust those guys??), the hot dogs are probably 22 grams of saturated fat, ditto the cheese laden nachos, and so forth.

They have McGrilled McChicken McSammiches somewhere that one can eat on the way, if they so choose.

CONVERSELY SPEAKING, I would suggest that much like sitting in the turns (where debris is liable to straight line into your forehead), the danger of eating racetrack food is part of the fun!

You all do not understand ! Nathan is like a human Manure spreader !

He spreads crap all over and he smells bad !

He is not a racer, but stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night??.

If he actually put as much time into his racing as he did with bashing people and this kind of crap he might possibly get good at racing???no probably not??

Get a life

A old promoter told me one time that there were 3 kinds of press. good, Bad. and none.
So matt ur not hurting anyone with this trash.
The promoter was Dan Jones when he was at that track
I have been to 3 races there this year and had a good time.


No, it doesn’t really. It has to do with Nathans’ vendetta against Gary.

The “food” and I use this term lightly, at Citrus County Speedway is terrible. The onion rings, no longer available, were good.

Citrus last night.

Saw one of the best pure stock races in a very long time. Side by side top four cars and surprise close finish. :ernaehrung004:
Racing is what I go to a track for, could care less about the food because I eat before going. I did have a late night corndog though.
Got to see Don and talk a little. Good seeing you Don62…
Wingless Sprint race was very good too.:huepfen024: