Melbourne Dirt Track info

Does anyone know the schedule, purse or any other info

First reopening race had 24 four cylinder cars and 3 v8’s
Feature started 14 cars and paid ( and trophy)top 3
Aprox. $400 for first, $200 second $100 third.
“Powder puff” paid $20 and a nice trophy.
Not sure of V8 pay out.
300 fans in attendance

So whens the next race, what’s it pay, and how bad was the track

Next race is the 19th. Payout will be about the same or a little more. Track held together pretty good …BUT, It’s still a cow pasture.

Charlie don’t bring anything you would run anywhere else (good cars) The track hasn’t changed at all. It’s fun for anything under $600

Thanks for the heads up. We’re probably going to go to citrus this week you guys should go also. Pays a whole hell of alot more than osw