Waycross, Ga - UDLMSCS - 7-12-14 - Wow what a Show !!!

My first trip to this Georgia 1/2 miler was a surprise in waiting. Perhaps, the best run dirt track I have attended and some great racing. Contrary to the release I read this morn the 40 lapper for the Late Models was filled with fireworks. The 11 cars which started the feature put on a show that had the fans on their feet several times throughout the night. Brandon DeWitt and Mark Whitener trying to re-solve their restart positions after a lap 20+ caution had plenty of banging and pushing on the pace lap for two or three laps until the officials red flagged the race and sorted out the spots. Next up was the #41 of John Kellum running into the #58 of Whitener during another caution, not once, not twice but three times. The third time almost put the #58 into the front stretch wall and earned the 41 a black flag and a last place finish. The racing was fast and furious and the #33 of Carter Stokes stayed clear of trouble as he dropped to the back of the pack and made a late charge to finish second behind DeWitt. Whitener a very hard earned 3rd, with #11 Kirkpatrick and #7 Fitzgerald rounding out the top five. The tracks regular divisions put on some great racing as well with very nice car counts in all classes. Looking forward to reading more about these classes in the days to come. Heavy rain was all around the area but just a few sprinkles at Waycross and the clouds eventually left leaving a great evening for racing. Nice trip for us and we will return…Thanks Waycross

I was reading alot of the comments on the deep dixie fb page about the race and seemed alot of them agreed whitener was hitting everyone which led to the retaliation. Not sure but i usually see whitener drive clean. Maybe just an off night for him.

From where I sat Whitener did drive a very good, hard race. DeWitt, who had a ton of fans present, may have become upset when on the lap 20 something re-start he went high and Whitener did a nose dive low to almost take the lead. This could have been the move of the race but as it turned out the incident led to another re-start with both drivers thinking they had the lead creating the fireworks between the two. The 41 incident happened later in the race and I really didn’t see the issue which preceded the incident. All in all a really good race. Whitener also won the 17 car e-mod race so maybe the other drivers felt one victory in a night was enough for the driver… Wish the announcer would have given more of a rundown on the drivers as I still don’t know who several of the support division drivers were. Still looking for info but to no avail so far…By the Way, all this action for only 8 bucks, Concession prices were very reasonable as well. Fries @ $2.00, Soft drinks at $2.00,etc. and great looking t-shirts at $10.00 each. Why can’t other tracks do this ??? Also fans could bring in their own coolers which did not hurt the concessions as the lines were fast and long all night. Plenty of food sold…

I’ve been to several tracks in GA, but never Waycross. For years, it had a reputation of being almost asphalt hard, with almost no passing.
But I’ve heard they re-clayed the place and it has become very racey.
Nice review DENMAN. I always appreciate fans thoughts and observations of something brand new to them.
Keep up the good work, and maybe someday, we can share a cold one in the parking lot at Waycross.
Still a virgin to that track.

My first trip there was in 1966 when Valdosta 75 speedway got rained out early enough to still get to Waycross. The track is almost in downtown by todays standards. Got to see Tiny Lund and Tom Pistone go at it. Lund ran the last 5 laps with a flat left front tire. Have been to a couple of NLMS races when the track was oiled clay and it did not make for a good show. Have heard mostly good things since the new clay was put in and thanks to the EPA I hope oiled clay is a thing of the past.We raced Lake City when oiled and with new clay,oiled simply is not fan friendly if you like racing.

Went up to Waycross, also but missed fireworks. Left at halfway, it was 11:15 and I knew I had 100+ miles back home and services at 9:45 in the morning. I went to Maryville, Tn. a few weeks before for the Lucas race, paid 25 to get in so I was expecting 12-15 to get into Waycross, I saw amount to get in, 8 dollars, Wow. I had my money worth by the time the heats were over.