New Smyrna Speedway Results 7/19

Pro Late Model 50

  1. #9 Rich Clouser
  2. #36 Tyler Thomas
  3. #11 David Rogers
  4. #50 Ricky Anderson
  5. #2 Chad Pierce
  6. #00 Daniel Miller
  7. #57 Michael Lira
  8. #81 Will Carroll
  9. #18 Zack Jarrell
  10. #16 Ricardo Flores
  11. #00x Anthony Cataldi
  12. #15 Cody Blair
  13. #4 Jarrett Snowden
  14. #00c Clayton Castetter
  15. #66 Jerry Symons
  16. #30 Noah Cornman
  17. #88 Garrett Jones


  1. #112 Jarrett Korpi
  2. #111 Earl Beckner
  3. #59 Chris Brannon
  4. #15 Cody Blair
  5. #96 Matthew Wheeler
  6. #76 Jim Higginbotham
  7. #5 John Compagnone
  8. #21 Mike Dahm
  9. #44B Matthew Green
  10. #90 George Dahm

Super Stocks

  1. #43 Butch Herdegen
  2. #23 Shannon Kelly
  3. #3 Jeff Colburn
  4. #2x Mike Amato
  5. #6 Preston Hunt
  6. #80 Becca Samsoe
  7. #21x George Dahm
  8. #04 Justin Spears
  9. #21 Mike Dahm
  10. #18 Michael Bedient
  11. #63 Zack Curtis DNS

Mini Stocks

  1. #31 David Russell
  2. #14 Brad Blanton
  3. #15 Jeffery White
  4. #33 Daniel Brown
  5. #6 Mark Broat
  6. #115 Tyler Simpson
  7. #23 Pat Wells
  8. #78 Jason Reynolds
  9. #110 Michael Seay
  10. #30 Reid Christensen DQ (Left side weight)
  11. #93 Jeff Firestine DNS
  12. #14V Ted Vulpius

Strictly Stocks

  1. #16 Warren Howie
  2. #81 Jimmy Barron
  3. #03 Aaron Overman

What happened to Garrett Jones? He is one of THE top PLM racers in the south.

Had to have been a DNF, just wondering why.

Garrett Jones - Frass 118

Worth the price of the ticket to see his operation. Garrett Jones in the #88 set fast time with a 17.990. Invert had him starting fourth. Seemed to be doing nicely until he pulled into the pits around lap #23 ending his night. This was my return to NSS and was a good show. Nice car counts and its amazing to see this track still improving each and every time I attend races there. Clouser started in second and held onto the lead in spite of several restarts for an impressive victory. One of the best runs of the night was the #36 driven by Oklanhoma’s Tyler Thomas coming from the 8th starting spot for second. Rogers also had a nice run starting seventh and ending third. Pretty good field of cars and a nice race. Also Will Carroll in the #81 who faded in the end had several great passes. Ricky Anderson in the 50 was very hard to pass on several occasions but still had a nice race. Announcer Dave is going to have to do a lot of writing about Saturdays events and am looking forward to reading. The three strictly stocks put on a very good race and I am still curious as to why this division has slipped to this car count. Great bar-b-que special as well. Once again a good night at New Smyrna.

Thanks Denman. Nice review.

Originally I was not a fan of Pro Lates/Crate Models as the first few races I saw were single file bore fests but I noticed something at 5 Flags last week that turned me around a little and made me a Garret Jones fan. Garret ran up on the outside of Johanna Long for a lot of laps, she gave him room, raced him clean and eventually got loose and half spun giving him the win. Running the outside is not easy at 5 Flags, or anywhere I guess. He showed me that they’re momentum cars and he seemed to go better on the outside as long as the guy (girl) on the inside gives you room you can really keep it wound up out there.

He got caught up in someone else’s wreck after starting last in the second race so I never got to see him try to come up the outside from the back. I lnow the kids in the JR’s stuff, but he’s one to watch.