Attention all Sportsman Drivers - Your invited Joey Coulter Charity 200 Race Weekend

Charity Sportsman 100 December 12th & 13th
Auburndale Speedway - CARS Events Promotion

  1. 1500 2. 1000 3. 700 4. 600 5. 500 6. 400 7. 350 8. 300 9. 250 10. 225 11. 200 12. 180 13. 170 14. 160 15-20. 150

If we sell all 100 laps purse will be

  1. 1700 2. 1100 3. 750 4.650 5. 550 6. 450 7. 400 8. 350 9. 300 10. 275
  2. 250 12. 230 13. 220 14. 210 15-20. 200

Pre-enter by Nov. 1st $50 Pre-enter Nov 2- Dec 1st - $75 after Dec 1st - $125

Raise & Send in $300 in donations for the families by Dec. 1st - Driver pays no entry fee or pit pass for the weekend !

more info and schedule is on

We will work with the rules, we will use the FUPS type rules. If you have questions you can ask Carl Green for a clear answer … bring your track rules with you. Thanks

Hope to see a bunch of Sportsman cars there to go after a big win !

Other questions please call me at 407-497-0448 ! Thanks !

Great Purse Rick!

Nice purse for the Sportsman 100.

I was informed by Rick about a few questions I had regarding this event a little while back, that I think everyone should know:

Although this event is held at Auburndale, it is run, managed and teched by Rick Bristol and the Coulter Pro Truck people (not by Auburndale management).

Although the Sportsman 100 will use the old FUPS all-inclusive type of rules, it will NOT use the FUPS/Auburndale cone/hooligan style restart. The legitimate double file restart method will be used (single file in the last 10 laps). Same as the Coulter Truck Series. Rick also informed me that if things get out of hand he will go to single file at that point. The Sportsman portion of this event last year ran squeaky clean, while still featuring great competition, despite the modest sized field. This year’s event will draw many more cars and be even better!

I think it is important to put this information out there to let competitors know, going in, that this event will be as fair, under control and drama-free as possible. This event supports a great cause and it would be unfortunate if competitors stayed away due to pre-conceived notions. I commend Rex Guy for his graciousness in letting Rick use his facility at no charge in support of this noble cause and for stepping aside and letting Rick run this event as he sees fit, so that it can be all that it can be and help those who are truly in need, as much as possible.

You are a good man, Rick Bristol.

Rick what all will be at this event this year?

And on what days?I plan on being there at least for the truck race portion of it possibly both days.Any answers would be appreciated.

Zerofor: Looks like quite an event both days.

Friday- Pro Truck and Sportsman Qualifying
50 Lap Bomber feature
School Bus Figure 8
4/6 Cyl. Demo Derby
V8 Demo Derby
Band, BBQ and Pit Party

Saturday- Coulter Charity Pro Truck 100
Sportsman 100

A little something for everyone.

I don’t know if the Friday cards for me but I will be there for Saturday.Anybody hear if they will have a live feed on NBC Sports Radio like they did last year?That was a big step in the positive direction for that event as well as Florida racing as a whole.Thanks for the info Scott


The race has been live on 740 a.m. the last two years. It was also featured on Joe Dirts Radio show and others. We are working on the deal now to see if they will cover again this year or another station we will announce it as it gets closer. Thanks