Talk'n bout bad websites!

I was thinking of going to North Florida Speedway tonight but can’t really tell what classes are running. Head is still spinning…

Tried to post a link but no luck!

Completely agree that the website could be much more timey and informative. The flyer on the home page describes the weeks races and they have an ad on Florida Flagstand. They are also on facebook but it is not much more informative than their website. As for results the usual wait is one to two weeks. For several years we considered this our home track and while they do run a very good weekly show I have always been dismayed with their lack of communication with the fans.

Actually, the website looks well put together. It just looks like their webmaster is dropping the ball. Race results are behind a whole month and even more inexcusable, ads OVER the race schedule and division lineup for the next event! Another peculiar thing I noticed was how the Joey Coulter Truck Series event was listed on the schedule. In that night’s lineup it said very generically just “trucks”. You would think with all the hubbub over the NASCAR Trucks at Eldora that they would try and capitalize on this by listing “Inaugural Joey Coulter Pro Truck Series Event! First Time on Dirt!”. I’ve heard owners Phil and Liz are highly regarded by racers and fans alike and that the crowds and racing have been very good there. Hopefully they can light a flame under their webmaster and get this straightened out.

Thanks, I’ll go to FACEBOOK or a DIFFERENT WEBSITE to find out their schedule for tonight! LOL!

For those who “don’t do Facebook” and don’t have x-ray vision to see through the ads covering the schedule on the NFS website, it’s Late Models, Modifieds, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and Box Stocks tonite.