Citus Race Results 8/9/14


Looks like another driver has thrown in the towel at Citrus. S/S driver, Dora Thorne will be moving on; joining a long list of drivers that have had enough.
Best of luck to the #48 wherever you end up.

What did Dora get DQ’d for?

Scott from what I read on her facebook she was running 2nd and the leader blew up with a couple to go, so basically she inherited the win,when they got to teck they wanted her to pull the heads off the engine and take a peak. I say way to work on the car count guys,4 cars and yu want my shit to go home in a box cuz I was running second lmao I would have told yu to go hug a root to, The new theory at CCS is no more good old boy network,thats funny I think that’s what’s held that place together and made it the friendliest track in the south for 50 plus years,I’m all about enforcing rules and playing by the book, but sometimes common cense and go a long way, JMO

I have to agree with you there. I’ve always felt the difficulty of tech should reflect how bad someone stunk up the show and/or if the same car (or cars) wins all the time. Well now everyone in the Citrus Street Stock division goes to tech since there’s only three cars left. A little common sense does indeed go a long way.

I don’t know anything about the detail. This is the first I heard it. However, this could actually increase the car count if enough people see that the rules are going to be enforced equally and fairly. If they’re not being enforced equally and fairly, that’s different. JMO I have no dog in the fight.

Does anyone know if 2nd and 3rd were required to roll off a head too?

No, they were not. The real funny thing is that the car that blew up leading, was on his way to his 9th feature win of the season. He was asked to pull a head after his 8th feature win of the season, and was completely legal. This would have been Dora’s 2nd win of the season…

I don’t understand the point of tech if all 3, 4 or however many cars aren’t checked for the exact same thing. Singling out one car gives the impression of a witch hunt.

My opinion… Weekly tech should ALWAYS be top 5.

Every week they should put the sniffer on the tires, and test fuel.

Besides that, everyone is subject to a random tech item. Heads, rear end, carb etc etc. But all 5 must do the SAME tech.

If you come right down to it

If you can only draw 3 or 4 or 5 cars for the entire division anyway,why not just make it basically a run what you brung division and the hell with teching anybody?

Clearing the air

First of all I would like to clear this up. 4 cars in the race, 2 of them are mine, my regular SS Camaro and my center seat SS figure 8 car I’m letting one of my “young Grasshoppers” get some seat time (3rd race for him). He ended up in second after my DQ. Very proud of Bobby… He’s a heck of a good sport.

Cut laps down due to time and we ran 15, I’m running 2nd, lead car half a track away and his motor blew, I got in the shit, ended up ass packing the wall. Only a couple to go, ended up winning.

I was the only car that they told to pull the heads. This was my 2nd Feature win with 2/3 of the season over. They pulled another SS’s drivers heads after 11 or 12 feature wins a few weeks ago.
This was just a vengeful act to get at me I guess because I was an honest person up front. (nothing to do with heads), It was about something unrelated.
I’m a clean driver with a large fan base and enjoy racing with the other 2 SS drivers (and Bobby too) Lol… I consider them friends. We all get along for the most part and we have helped each other out.
I would even put $$ on this happening any position I came in through tech. There were only 3 cars left and 2 of them were mine.
Everyone there knows what really happened, If interested in the whole story go to my FB page and read all the comments.

I DO want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support I have received, phone calls, texts, PM’s etc… I WILL continue to race just at different places.

You can’t make this shit up…
Have a nice day.
Dora Thorne
// \

Thank you very much… Let’s go racin Boys…

You are right! The good ol boy system worked there. The 1st time I raced my sportsman there i was welcomed by drivers and officials. After my first hot lap session a few drivers even offered advice on the best groove and what gear to run (i had wrong gear and knew it when i got there). My 2nd race was a 50 lapper, got there late…cars were going on the track. An official saw me paying at the gate, told me to get my car unloaded, wrote down my name and was gonna hold the start 1 lap after they got on track for me to get suited up and in my car. I was allowed to register for the race after it was over. I used to go there when not racing and pay pit fee just to hang out with all the comradery…and occasional roughousing LOL.

To clear the air, 2 of the 4 cars were mine, my regular SS Camaro and I was letting my young grasshopper get some seat time and to help class in my center seat SS figure 8 car. Us SS drivers all get along and enjoy racing each other, the 3 of us have supported this class all year long even when he runs our class into the ground every weekend.

Ill tear my sh!t down anyday for something worthwhile. Not for a 15 lap feature that the leader was 1/2 a track in front of me when he blew his motor. This was just a pissing contest by tech/promoter.
If interested in the whole story go to my fb page.

I also want to Thank everyone that has called, texted, pm’d me in support of me.

Not to worry, I will continue to race, just not there.

// \

Clearing the air

First I would like to Thank everyone that has called, texted, PM’d and hunted me down. It makes me feel good that I have everyone’s support.

I have no problem fulfilling a tech request as long a it’s a worthwhile reason. A pissing contest on a 15 lap race that I was half a lap away from the leader before his motor blew, I think not… 2 of the 4 cars were mine, my regular SS Camaro and the other was my center seat figure 8 car that I was letting one of my “young grasshoppers” get some seat time and to help the class.

One of my competitors had won 12 features this season before they made him pull his heads. This was my second feature win of the season…
It was all pre arranged before the start of the race and I’m fully convinced this would have happened if I placed 1-3.

Not to worry, I will continue racing. just somewhere else.

Thanks for everyone’s support.

Tech inspection

By the way, 2nd and 3rd only got weighed and sent to their pits.

Dora, thanks for your side in this. Will miss you. Go Geld Em, Girl.

dang most people complain about no tech now we got them complaining about getting teched lmao

Key word…[SIZE=“4”]They complain[/SIZE]
And most don’t even have a dog in the race…

Try thanking the officals for trying to do there job.
Know that wont happen on here…lol