A form of a head & neck restraint will be mandatory in Coulter Pro-Trucks in 2015 !

Pro-Truck Drivers?.your life is worth it !

All drivers will need to run a form of a head & neck restraint in 2015. Letting you all know now so you can put on your Christmas list and plan ahead ! Joey Coulter himself will be coming to our two preseason registration, tech, test and cookout days which will be announced to help go through all safety inspections on the trucks. More on this by the end of the month when we will announce our 2015 series rules, and schedule. Thanks

I know this can be a financial burden for drivers but I think this is a great rule. WTG

It is but safety is worth it ! 20% off from Simpson til Dec 31st.

Jessica Green works at Simpson and she has been able to giver the Florida Pro-Truck drivers a 20% off discount until Dec. 31st. This way they can ask for this as a Christmas Gift or have time to save and get one. Joey and I want to be sure the trucks and drivers are safe. Drivers can call Simpson in Mooresville NC and ask fro Jessica starting next week. 704-662-3376 or Toll Free 800-473-7077.