Jack Smith Memorial - Lap, Race and Award Sponsors needed !

Just over a month away, we honor our friend Jack Smith ! We are inviting everyone out for a great race for Jack ! It is time to fill the laps ! 100 Laps to sell $25 each who will honor Jack with a lap or laps ? Please call Rick Bristol at 407-497-0448 or e-mail rbmini68@aol.com or message on Facebook if you want to sponsor laps ! The money will be collected and distributed in the payout. We are also looking for race sponsors and award sponsors. If your interested please contact Rick … Thanks !

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How much goes towards helping the Smith Family? Or is this just using Jacks name to make a buck?

Seems like every week, there is some kind of Memorial, yet they never seem to benefit anyone but the host track.

Another wonderful post by Frass

Read the flyer Frass?..the money is added to the purse for the Late Model drivers, it is not a fundraiser event. Its a memorial race to honor Jack no one is making a buck ?.you are pretty amazing. I am trying to do what Jack wanted, and the family was happy when I told them. He wanted the race at different places and with different divisions like Modifieds, Late Models and Sprint cars. No Frass actually as you know I pocket all the money myself that is how I remain so wealthly?.. get a life. I work for free, put money into racing, give money away to charities and have to listen to people like you who have nothing to do but stir crap. Have I ever made rude comments about your Modified deal, I think not I even supported a few but you feel you need to comment on much of what I try to do. Get a life

It’s not about you Rick. I don’t care where you make money or not. I see this stuff in Fla all the time, and it sucks that the family of the person being Memorialized never gets any benefit from it. And, obviously from your response, that’s the case here.

Would it hurt to have a portion of some of the monies being generated go to the Family itself? Jack was not rolling in dough, and I’m sure his family has struggled to make ends meet ever since.

How about putting 1/2 of the lap sponsorship goes to the Smith family? An event T-shirt with all profits being donated? A special 50/50 drawing that 1/2 goes to the family?

You want to honor Jack…? Help HIS FAMILY, not just the CCS bottom line.

It doesn’t take much effort to come up with a way to help THEM… not just yourselves.

BTW… you bring up the Mod Reunion. Just so you know, not 1 single penny has been asked from anyone attending. Your point is an apples and oranges comparison. For someone carrying a cross, you don’t miss an opportunity to share your hatred…

Seems fitting for this discussion. LOL !!!


Gotta admit EZ. … damn near spewed beer through the nostrils. Touche’


The comparison had to do with you getting on my post and running you mouth, not that you charge or didn’t charge anything.

CCS isn’t going to make a buck, you sir as wise as you think you are sure do not know how hard it is to make a buck at this as a driver, employee or track. No one is taking advantage of Jacks name or family. I am trying to do it to give Jack what he asked for. He did not ask me to raise money for him or his family, we did that one year with the Charity race, with these races.

If all the hot air you blew off on here were to be put to work in making racing better, instead of just running your mouth, maybe you would make a difference but you merely make noise.

Urez2pass - your a riot

The only good news in this is it sounds to me like you won’t be supporting or coming to the event FRASS?..

If you make it more about honoring Jack, instead of just using his name to benefit the track (not once did I suggest that you personally stood to make anything), why is this a BAD idea???

The whole idea of a Memorial race is to honor and respect that person. Why is it an outrageous suggestion that if the track profits from his name, that the family should benefit from it too?

Jacks name is being used to generate dollars… and you act like IM an ass because you have zero plan to help the Smith Family?

Read your book again, especially the parts e where it says to share the good times, and that greed is a sin.


Not saying it was a bad idea, but you don’t know how to simply make a suggestion or idea you make rude comments to stir things up. A memorial race is not a fundraiser, and I am working on plans to remember Jack.

You volunteering to help ? You want to head that up ?

I love it when a person tries to throw the bible up in someones face who has no clue what it says, and admits he does not believe in it.

Turns out I am right. This is all about making money off of Jactks name without a single plan to help his family.

I see the clear distinction now… a FUNDRAISER is designed to help someone else.

A MEMORIAL is designed to help yourself.

Now that your intentions are clear as day, I wish you luck in your project. Make sure to “honor Jack” once more while filling out the Monday morning deposit slip.

[QUOTE=Frasson118;150189]Turns out I am right. This is all about making money off of Jactks name without a single plan to help his family.

I see the clear distinction now… a FUNDRAISER is designed to help someone else.

A MEMORIAL is designed to help yourself.

Now that your intentions are clear as day, I wish you luck in your project. Make sure to “honor Jack” once more while filling out the Monday morning deposit slip.[/QUOTE]

A memorial is an object which serves as a focus for memory of something, usually a person (who has died) or an event.


I would like 4 laps, It does not matter what laps they are, I would like to use the name KARNAC for the sponsor name, Could yu post who to make the ck out to and where to send it,Thanks

Frass you are so wrong it is not funny.

You sir have not got a clue… its not worth the breath. I was with Jack just days before he passed and I asked him what he wanted and I told everyone at his funeral service. You wouldnt know so no you are wrong. We will honor Jack … and it will be in the way he wanted. I nor the speedway are doing it to make a buck.

Thanks Tony I will be send you info, and I will begin a place to keep track. Thanks

Bless Frasson’s Lil Ole Heart




Can’t we all just agree Jerry is always a glass half empty guy and obviously needs a girlfriend (or boyfriend whatever the case).

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If you want to sponsor laps, and support the event ?.

$25 each Make checks to Rick Bristol, put Jack Smith Memorial on the memo line. mail to 806 Romano Ave. Orlando FL. 32807. I will collect them, get cash, announce how it will be distributed in the field and post the laps purchased. I will make a full report so that some people can not say I took or made money off it. If you would like to sponsor a $100 Fast Qualifier, Hard Charger, Halfway Leader or Hardluck awards let me know. If you would like to title sponsor the race call me for info at 407-497-0448 or e-mail rbmini68@aol.com Thanks

Please folks do not let the junk from above stop you from helping us honor Jack, I promise I am trying to do what he asked me in this last days, I was with him. Thanks

Who’s being fooled? Whatever the explanation, of course the track’s bottom line will benefit. Donors will contribute, maybe even pay the whole purse. A big purse should bring more cars resulting in more “back gate” revenue. A special race could bring more fans resulting from increased grandstand ticket sales. Yes Virginia, the track benefits and the promoter knows it…not that there’s anything wrong with that!

I have to say this does sound like a copycat style me too!..especially after the long recent promotion and similar sounding theme for the old Sunshine Speedway event…Just my opinion from the cheap seats at home! :slight_smile:

Goundpounder joins Frass ?. don’t have a clue !

No track want to lose money, but the intent is to honor Jack, the money is going to Late Model Drivers not the track. There is no copy cat deal of Showtime race, most big races sell laps for races to help with bonus money. I will be selling laps for charity races I do as well starting in October. But I promise my focus is to honor my friend Jack Smith wether you care to believe it or not. Last reply to people with nothing better to do. Those who want to help you know what to do. Thanks

Of course I have a clue…just splained it Lucy! :grinser010:

PS: What did I say that was incorrect? I even said “nothing wrong with it”!!!

First off, I do apologize for diverting the attention of this thread. Jack & I didn’t always see eye to eye, but in the big picture, we both understood each other’s passion for this sport… and I’ll always appreciate what he’s taught me.

He DESERVES to be remembered.

Secondly, Rick took this a personal attack that was never the intention at all. It was meant to point out that if ANY track, not just CCS, could put more attention into a way to benefit something that helps their family or their favorite charity, now THAT is a way to memorialize someone.

Jack would smile hugely if he knew someone else’s life might be better because of his life & reputation.

I didn’t mean to come off like a dick, but I personally think that Memorial races should have SOME kind of benefit in the name of that person.

There’s nothing wrong with a track trying to make a buck, but when you raise the front gate, back gate, there ARE extra dollars rolling in.

Would it hurt to share a few of them?

You REALLY want to honor Jack…? Start a 50/50 pool strictly towards a permanent Jack Smith Memorial Trophy that rotates each year from winner to winner. Much like the Governors Cup. Each year, add a new winners plaque.