The opposite of the Midas Touch

They’ve done it again, taken a very successful national racing series and run it into the ground. While the AMA road race series isn’t exactly a topic of this board, the guys who manged to drive it under sure are.
Several years ago, Jim France and the guy who ran the Rolex series ( can’t recall his name ) bought the AMA series. In just a few short years they managed to lose most of the competitors, most of the factory participation, and almost all of the fans. Word is that France and the others tried to use NASCAR ideas to spice up the AMA show. We know how well those ideas ( anyone want to see the Car Of Tomorrow brought back ) have worked. Things have gotten so bad in such a short time that another group has just purchased it back to try to save it.
If only that group could also purchase all of the NASCAR series and save them too.

Are you thinking of Dr. Don Panoz?

No, it was Roger Edmondson. He ran the Grand Am series.

I don’t always agree with your rants about NASCAR, but in this case…right on. Holy crap what a mess they made of American road racing. And I’m not sure how they’re going to fix it really. It’s going to be a long process to get the manufacture support back to what it was after that mess!