New Smyrna Speedway Results

New Smyrna Speedway
Official Results
September 13, 2014

Super Stocks

  1. #3 Jeff Colburn
  2. #04 George Spears
  3. #60 Ernie Tumminello
  4. #23 Shannon Kelly
  5. #6 Preston Hunt
  6. #35 Gino Tumminello
  7. #51 Joe Gerard
  8. #2x Mike Amato
  9. #21D Mike Dahm
  10. #77 Warren Schuur
  11. #80 Becca Samsoe
  12. #31 JT Tippins
  13. #88 Robert Pence
  14. #56 Bobby Holley

Mini Stocks

  1. #115 Tyler Simpson
  2. #23 Pat Wells
  3. #14 Brad Blanton
  4. #31 David Russell
  5. #8 Jamie Dixson
  6. #30 Reid Christensen
  7. #6 Mark Broat
  8. #37 Michael Hanna


  1. #44B Matthew Green
  2. #20 Justin Reynolds
  3. #59 Chris Brannon
  4. #5 Jon Compagnone
  5. #76 Jim Higginbotham
  6. #21 Mike Dahm
  7. #112 Jarrett Korpi
  8. #90 George Dahm

Strictly Stocks

  1. #10 Jonothon Murphy
  2. #24 Megan Matheny
  3. #3x Shane Sutorus
  4. #97 Jeff Gross
  5. #81 Jimmy Barron
  6. #9z Zack Curtis DNS
  7. #03 Aaron Overman DNS

Well the saturn car met its end last night. look like he got turned that thing was scatter all over the track. NSS wake up these cars should not be aloud to run they are not safe the whole body look like it was plastic he’s lucky he had a roll bar in it can you imagine if he would have got t bone by a bigger car. Thats why it use to say in the rules these cars were not aloud to run.

oh god, not the all street stocks need to be 4000lb vintage monte carlos topic again

[QUOTE=al_tere_go_05;150458]oh god, not the all street stocks need to be 4000lb vintage monte carlos topic again

Looks like the vintage Monte’s are the headline class…:ernaehrung004:

[QUOTE=al_tere_go_05;150458]oh god, not the all street stocks need to be 4000lb vintage monte carlos topic again

What are you talking about?

Which raises the question,why are the Camaro’s not allowed in the Super Stock division,yet they run little 4 bangers with big cars in the Strictly Stock division???

He thinks a 2950 lb Monte weighs 4,000 lbs :huh:

I agree kendo they let the 4 bangers run . why can"t the Camaro’s runs with the super stock and strictly stock makes no since.

Open your eyes

The Body is plastic what do you think a super late model is made of…I walked away without a scratch maybe they shouldn’t let non drivers out there like that, that turn people into the wall cause they’re getting beat every week by a little Saturn…you must be one of the cry baby’s gettin beat every week

Maybe I am nuts but is’nt a superlate a fabricated chassis built for raceing with safety in mind. your saturn is not a racecar nor was it ever intended to be used on a race track and I think it is funny your going to compare a saturn to a super late that is funny. oh and by the way the body on a super is fiberglass.

maybe im nuts but arnt car manufactures held to certain safety regulations regarding, frontal, side, and rear impacts? also his was equiped with a roll cage and racing seat. you act like he was out there driving around in a giant tupper ware bin.

Well lets be thankful his crash wasn’t head on in the wall because the way he had that car cheated up it was flying and I think is could have been alot worse. And don’t say its stock we all know it’s not. this is why I think head and neck devise should be mandatrory. I think a tupperware bowl might be safer then a saturn.

i have an idea. i think the saturn is safe and you say the tupperware is safer so instead of arguing on the interweb for the next month we will settle this at the track. you and zach will be having a demo derby during intermission. zach will be driving a saturn and you will be driving the kiddie coupe(it has a composite chassis like a f1 car so its safe right?)


The strictly stock class should be a 4 cyl class. They’re just easier to get anymore. Just my opinion.

The ole Saturn.

Well I have to say something. My brother and I have been helping zach out. We put a good cage in his car and thank god we did becuase of a idiot. It doesn’t matter really what kind of car you have if your gonna get hit in the right rear and drove into the wall. Zach has a good seat and wears a Hans. So just becuase the car has plastic sides doesn’t mean it isn’t safe. He walked away without any problems thankfully. And also how can you say it’s cheated up? Because he is winning? Maybe he can drive, maybe they other guys can’t. I have won a lot of races at Smyrna with my sportsmans and super stock. But that doesn’t mean I’m cheating. I think some of you guys should maybe take some driving lessons and work on being constant every lap instead of bitching about how peoples cars are cheated up.

Go back to the first in car video he posted you can hear the motor hitting the rev limiter as the car hits the start finish line. now go to a later video something has been changed not hitting the rev limter anymore.

Damn dude !! That’s not cheating. We (97 car) corrected that with a taller tire.


Yes he changed tire size to not hit rev limiter so bad Lol. That’s not cheating and sounds like you should do your homework before accusing somebody. He raced the car on smaller tracks before Smyrna so he didn’t know hit would hit rev limiter so bad.

Well I said something changed and I was right then must not be dumb to pick that up off a video.

Funny thing is my car won when was hitting the rev limiter at the start finish line must be all the chips I have in there…