Speedboat World?

Just talked to Donnie at OSW… They have decided to end oval racing completely :confused:

He told me their plan is to pave the remainder of the oval’s infield grass and install hydraulic locks on the drainage system to allow them to fill the track with water and host speed boat and jet ski races and events as well as water sports thrill shows. He said the locks will be in place to allow them to drain the facility as well so that they can have a multi-purpose facility allowing full time use for drifting events as well.

Yer all wet, Jaques!

How about only half filling it and running Amphi-car events?

Timing provided by sundial…

Nice way to confuse the issue. They announced an oval event yesterday.

Phil is in charge of promoting–and he is kind of new at it…

Wait an oval event? But OSW hates oval racing!!! :aetsch013::aetsch013::aetsch013:


Consider figure eight spectator racing during intermission. Here’s how it works:

>Fly down on Southeast
>Rent two mustangs in your name with the extra insurance.
>We can start bumper to bumper at the “X” 90 degrees apart.

Wooo!!! :ernaehrung004:

I am sure you all realize by now that this post was a joke… I did it in jest because I just think people need to stop beating this horse to death. We know people are upset with goings on at OSW but there are much more important issues to deal with around here. That being said, I think you will all see something positive soon… :ernaehrung004:

Not At Osw

Its days are gone, as the way we knew them. I never made any money racing, but never went home with none. Now they found guys that pay to play and go home with emty pockets. Not only that, but they say thanks for letting us spend my kids food money here tonite… “Can use my EDB card to get in next time?” Will the food truck take my food stamps. Well look around at who is there,you’ll see that I’m Right! If OCS or OPD would stop my, it would take a bus to hall’m all in:sprachlos020:

Your point is people need to quit stirring the pot and you came here to get your point across by posting a new thread stirring the pot.

So, you’re implying that support division racers and the fans that go see them, are a bunch of Govt freeloaders, that take food off their kids plates to get in, and want to spend their food stamp cards at the concession stand?

Funky, twisted place your mind resides in…

Yeah I was rather taken back by that post myself. Has to be a goof? Or is he saying that they need to learn how to accept food stamps to attract those patrons?

Actually I never said anything about stirring the pot. But thanks for inserting words into my mouth.

I did however say, beating the dead horse which refers to all the people who continually bring up Orlando Speedworld on subjects that aren’t even related to OSW such as someone did on the “Lot’s of promotion, Not much discussion” thread. Everything always turns into a let’s bash OSW post. It’s like friggin groundhog day bro lol!!! Just let it rest… Whatever happens, will happen at this point. People just need to give it up.

Case and point from the other thread… There was no reason for this comment to even be made. Nothing was mentioned about OSW, nothing. Yet as always, someone has to bring it up when honestly, it accomplishes nothing.

So you came on and started a whole new thread stirring the pot, beating a dead horse or whatever you wanna call it “bro” ( Are you a wrestler, black, or from New Orleans it’s so hard to tell on message boards) By the way you haven’t ever heard me rail against OSW so I know you’re not talking about me. But he has as much right to stir the pot as you do.

I never told him to stop either, BRO :slight_smile: I once again stated it was getting old :huepfen024: