2015 Coulter Pro-Truck Series press release

Joey Coulter Florida Pro-Truck Series prepares for an exciting 2015 campaign

Orlando FL 10-23-14

The Joey Coulter Florida Pro-Truck Series recently release its 2015 planned schedule with four dirt races and fourteen asphalt races that will make up the 2015 season. The series headed into its second season under the leadership of Nascar Camping World Truck Series driver Joey Coulter and veteran official and race director Rick Bristol. In the 2015 schedule their will be new tracks involved on the asphalt side and on an expanded dirt partnership as well.

"We are grateful to the track owners and promoters who have worked with us and given us the opportunity to put together an exciting 2015 series. They have all been very cooperative and we appreciate that, and we will work very hard to make the series and each event successful for all involved" stated Bristol, series director.

"Rick has worked hard rebuilding the truck series this year, after I asked him to. He has worked hard to put together this schedule which I am very excited about. I really feel it will give the series better marketability and will give the drivers a opportunity to to be more rounded as they expand their racing resumes. I really appreciate the Florida track owners and promoters for giving us this opportunity to race at their speedways and make our series schedule exciting" added Joey Coulter.

The series, after two tech, registration and practice days at Desoto Speedway Jan 31st and Auburndale Feb 7th, will open its season on the biggest track on the series New Smyrna Speedway, as part of the historic World Series of Stock Car Racing February 13th & 14th.

" We are excited to open up our 2015 season at New Smyrna Speedway as part of this great tradition, the World Series. We appreciate Robert Hart and Kim Brown working with us to make this event happen. It will be a great kick off to the season" said Bristol.

"We look forward to hosting the Joey Coulter Pro-Trucks in February. I know Rick and Joey will work hard to make this event and the series successful. We look forward to a great show and are glad to be a part of the series" explained track manager Kim Brown.

After the opener the series will move into a mixture of asphalt and dirt races that will challenge the drivers as they perform at various size and types of tracks.

A few of the returning tracks that have been great supporters of the series will be Desoto Speedway, Auburndale Speedway and Citrus County Speedway. " Jimmy Cope, Rex Guy along with Gary Laplant helped us get the series up and going in 2014. They will also be hosting races in 2015. We appreciate their support and we look forward to continuing our relationships in 2015".

" We are excited to have the Coulter series back in 2015. Rick, Joey and I agree on alot with the trucks and enjoy working together. Our events have been exciting in 2014 and we only see it getting better in 2015. Joey and Rick have a solid vision for the trucks and we look forward to being a part" explained Desoto Speedway promoter Jimmy Cope.

" We are once again excited to work with Joey and Rick and the Coulter Pro-Trucks. We know how much effort Rick puts into this and we are glad to be a part. We will also free up Carl Green so he can rejoin Rick and the series as head techman. We will do what we can to help including hosting a free tech, registration and practice day Feb. 7th" announced Auburndale owners Rex and Colette Guy.

Two other tracks joining New Smyrna as new tracks on the series in 2015 will be Bronson Speedway and Showtime Speedway running races in 2015.

Showtime which allowed the series to move a canceled event to their facility on October 25th, will host a race in 2015 as well. "Robert Yoho with Rick Day have given their support and we appreciate that.
Bronson Speedway and veteran promoter LeRoy Davidson have also joined the series in 2015.

"We look forward to hosting the Coulter Pro-Trucks Series as I work to bring new events and the excitement to Bronson Speedway and build our shows and crowds here. Rick and I have the same desires when we talk about tracks cooperating and us working together for the betterment of racing here in Florida" commented Bronson promoter LeRoy Davidson.

As stated earlier the series will run 4 dirt races as part of the 2015 schedule. North Florida Speedway hosted the first ever Pro-Truck Dirt race this year and two other tracks will join this year to make the 4 race dirt schedule. North Florida will host the final dirt race event in September Twin 20 Lap races. Bubba Raceway Park and Eastbay Raceway join the series in 2014.

“ We enjoyed hosting the Coulter Pro-Trucks this year for the first ever dirt race for the trucks and were very excited to see how quickly they adapted to the track and we are excited to be able to host twin events again next year and to decide the Dirt Champion for the 4 races” stated North Florida Speedway owners Phil and Liz Guadagno.

“ We appreciate Phil and Liz for giving us that first opportunity and seeing the vision Joey and I have. They had the track in great shape for us and we appreciate their support and look forward to working together again in 2015” added Bristol

Bubba Raceway Park will host the first dirt race on the schedule in 2015 after general manager Scott McAllister jumped at the chance to bring the Coulter Pro-Truck series in. 

 “ We are excited to be able to host the Joey Coulter Pro-Truck series at our track and I love what Joey and Rick are trying to do. We will do all we can to help make this happen” stated McAllister

Eastbay Raceway has jumped on board with two dates at the Tampa area facility and are centrally located to many of the drivers.

  “ We are excited to have this new division of Pro-Trucks and really feel they will put on a great show here at the clay by the bay. I like Joey and Rick’s vision to give drivers a series that will round them into better drivers” stated Al Varnadore.

   “Joey and I are excited to have these two tracks support our vision and I will enjoy working with Scott and Al to produce some great Pro-truck dirt racing”. 

The series will announce over the coming weeks and months more details on the series, sponsors and points fund and more. The plans are to have a Dirt Champion Bonus based on the dirt races and an Asphalt Champion Bonus based on the asphalt events. 

The points fund will be for the drivers running the whole series for points. The drivers best 15 events based on an 18 race schedule will count for points. The procedure will be in the rules package that will be out by Nov 1st and up on the web site. They will drop 3 races, 1 dirt and 2 asphalt,  if they run all the events or miss three events, they will not receive any points either way on those and the finale can not be dropped and will count for everyone. 

There is also plans for a “ Fast Qualifier Bonus” to the driver with the most fast times for the season. Also other awards such as most improved, sportsman of the year and contingencies are being worked on as well and will be announced as they are confirmed. 

“We are working to finalize the rules, tire deal for dirt and asphalt and dirt rules & procedures, which will remain close to this years. The rules will be available by Nov 1st on the web site and we will announce the dirt stuff and tire deal in the near future as we work to make the best choices” stated Bristol

 There will be two tech, registration, practice and cookout days and they are on the schedule for Jan. 31st at DeSoto and Feb 7th at Auburndale. All trucks that are planning to run the series are asked to present their trucks at one of these two events. We will be doing extensive tech and marking and logging info of each truck. Series members will also sign agreements on rules and penalties for violations during the season. Please make plans to come to one or both of these so we will be prepared for the season opener. The new cam doctor will be used and will be with us on 2015, along with other tech tools we need to do a thorough  job in 2015. 

Registration for this years series will be $200. This will make you eligible for lower entry fee at each race, awards, bonus money, points fund and contingencies and the driver will receive $25 towards their banquet ticket for the championship banquet. As members you will also have a vote on things that may come up during the season that we need to deal with. Some of this money will also be used to make it possible to have the same techman and another series official at each event. 

“ Joey and I are excited to have Carl Green and Eric Reynolds back with me as officials on the series. They were my team in 2012 when we had our other series and I am glad to have them back in 2015. I am thankful to Rex Guy for working with us to free up Carl to be able to do this” added Bristol. “ We ask people to just stay tuned and check in on the web site and other media outlets for the information as it is released. We will do all we can to support and grow racing and specially Pro-Truck racing in Florida at our tracks. We will work hard to put on exciting and professional shows that work for the tracks, drivers and most important the fans”. 

www.carsevents.com is where to go for all series information. Questions, sponsor opportunities and more can be directed to Rick Bristol at 407-497-0448 or [email]rbmini68@aol.com[/email]. Once the rules are out, Carl Green will be the contact for tech questions. 

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