Becca Monopoli is the Joey Coulter Pro-Truck Series Champion ! Results & Final points

Becca Monopoli is Joey Coulter Fellows Truck Brokers Florida Pro-Truck Series Champion

Here are the results and final points from last nights final event. I will address all the personal attacks and what happened and the decision made on Monday night, today I will spend with my family. As I stated last night either way I am the bad guy, but I do know this if the circumstance of the finish deal were flipped the same people disagreeing would have wanted the same decision, they can say they wouldn’t but we know they would. The day and the race was great until those last 10 laps that went wrong and a human error mistake by the flagman not throwing the checkered on the proper lap. Thanks again to those that came, those that raced the series, the decision was made based on simply what was the fair way to handle it, no other reason as some are making it out to be. I hope everyone can have a restful family day.

Joey Coulter Fellows Truck Brokers Pro-Truck Series Finale
Desoto Speedway 11-1-14 Results

  1. 59x Becca Monpoli - Lakeland
  2. 64 Brent Huber - Venice
  3. 37 Nick Hernandez - Palmeto
  4. 14 Sam Scott - Naples
  5. 41 Steve Darvolics - Venice
  6. 28 Corey Bigley - Naples
  7. 3 Jay Zolciak - Pinellas Park
  8. 7 Dylan Martin - Lakeland
  9. 5 Richard Griffis - West Palm
  10. 09 Tommy Caveney - Mulberry
  11. 2x Kenny Futch - Lake Wales
  12. 12 Scott Hogan - Naples
  13. 8 Sean Lamasters - Naples
  14. 36 Chad Chastain - Alva
  15. 31 Rodney Haddock - Hillard
  16. 21 Jeff Futch - Lake Wales
  17. 25 Cody McDuffie - Lakeland
  18. 37g Michael Goddard - Naples
  19. 50 Danny Anderson - Bradenton
  20. 51 Phil Ellis - Port Charlotte
  21. 51x Jason Kuykendall - Port Charlotte
    Fast Qualifier - 41 Steve Darvalics
    1/2 Way Leader - 25 Cody McDuffie
    Led a Lap - 41 Steve Darvalics, 25 Cody McDuffie, 59 Becca Monopoli
    Led Most Laps - 25 Cody McDuffie

Joey Coulter Pro-Truck Final Points Standings
Points After Race #15

  1. 59 Becca Monopoli 312 (6)
  2. 41 Steve Darvalics 309 (3)
  3. 7 Dylan Martin 261 (1)
  4. 64 Brent Huber 260
  5. 25 Cody McDuffie 210 (1)
  6. 50 Danny Anderson 173 (1)
  7. 36 Chad Chastain 170 (1)
  8. 31 Rodney Haddock 134
  9. 09 Tommy Caveney 117
  10. 51 Phil Ellis 109
  11. 84 Mica Williams 90 (1)
  12. 11 Billy Carlbert Jr. 27
  13. 81 Edd Haddock 20
  14. 5 Jeremy Daring 14
  15. 11 Billy Carlbert Jr. 10
  16. 65 Brian Harbin 6
    (1) - Denotes wins

Bad call

That is one of the worst calls I have ever seen. The race ends when the checkered flag drops. Vince P.

Was a great race to watch. Messy ending but it happens. When will the rules be out for next season. Was told the 602 crate motors will be allowed to run the 650 carb. Just curious. Thinking of going that direction but need to know before I purchase a new crate thanks

Congrats to Becca and the whole TEAM!!!

[SIZE=“4”]Last week we the “Old Fats” went to Show Time with Jason in the #7 Mod Mini. I got to see first had were the trucks are at. I got to go around and meet with most of the Drivers (most were new faces to the one that raced in FASTRUCK Series). Becca and her family were very nice and committed to racing. I watch the race and it only had one yellow and was very entertaining to watch (I remember why I LOVED the Trucks). I could see that the same fire burns in Joey’s Series as the old days. It’s great that he supported the Series to keep the trucks alive. In 1995 it took us three years to have enough to call it a series. Becca will make a GREAT ambassador for the truck series.:huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024: CONGRAT’S to you and the whole Team (and they have cool dogs too)… Good luck in the future.:[/SIZE]