Pro-truck Drivers at Saturday Nights finale…. please read.

All Pro-Truck Drivers at Saturday Nights Series Finale race,

I will address the end of Saturday nights series finale as some are hearing only parts and one side of the story. I will explain the whole situation because I am being accused of screwing or robing drivers, like I did it on purpose. Those that really know me, know that I do not do that to people, but they will have their opinions and it is a free country.
But in turn a different being screwed because of a mistake by the flagman, is ok because it would be ok for the other, this is the wrong way to look at it.

The race to end at lap 75, the flagman missed the white flag because he was looking at the score board which was running behind, Critter who was next to me and I knew he missed and Critter said several times throw the checkered, this is the checkered flag lap, but he did not hear or could not hear and threw a white. Critter and I knew it was side by side and close between the 64 and 59 so we watched the finish of the lap that we knew was the checkered flag lap so we could be sure that was right. Unfortunately the extra lap and all that went on happened and made a mess. But this is where I have to go, the race was over at lap 75 even with out the checkered mistake by the flagman. If it would have flown that was the finish. As I got to the front stretch I did not know all that happened on the extra lap because I was walking down from the spotter area to bring the banners to the front stretch. After conversations with flagman, and a couple other officials I asked for the finish at lap 75 from the tower official computer by transponders.

So now because of a lap that should not have been run the championship would be taken away from one driver and given to another, this can not be the fair result of this. To allow an error by the flagman to cost a championship to any driver would not be right. The race was to be over at lap 75 and all the other happened after that on a lap that should not have been run. So I have to make a decision on what os the fair and proper way to handle the situation. For another diver to claim the championship, and so say it was taken away from them for a lap that was after the scheduled distance of the race is totally wrong. I understand frustration and I can see being upset, but much of what has been said, posted and all is uncalled for. I was in a no win situation but I feel that this was the fair thing to do. I discussed my decision with several including Jimmy Cope and Joey Coulter they agreed with my decision and supported it. While again I understand people being upset the personal attacks and terrible names I have been called, questioning my christian testimony are hurtful and really sad. I have received texts and accused of other things like not protecting the leader. Our rule states if your involved you go to the rear and they did every time unless the other driver took fault and tapped out which happened twice. Then making statements about stuff that happened after that last lap that should not have been run, it is not part of the decision because again it should not have happened so that is reaching for things that are wrong. If this situation would have been flipped between the same folks they would have wanted this same decision, now I am sure they will say no, but they know they would. But to say it is not right decision because they got the short end, while I understand again the frustration is, it wrong. I have not responded to the personal attacks and emails etc. and I will not. Joey Coulter has received some negative messages and he to will not respond to them either, as we feel there is nothing good that will come from them. This is our response and we feel again it was the right and fair thing to do.

I care much for all the drivers involved and this was not done in any way toward someone or for someone, it was based on doing the right thing and that is it. A statement was made that I was not a class act and I did this to drivers that supported the series all year, so did the other driver involved in this deal so that is a mute point. I have said again and again thanks for the support and try to always treat all right and fair and do the right thing even when I am made to be the bad guy. There are people who are haters and basher that will say what they want, but most are not even part of the series and do not know all that has been done and the work being done this year.

I hope that cooler heads can prevail, but if not that is their choice in the end. If I had it to do over again I would do the same thing because it was right and fair in the situation I was dealt.

I do want to say that I have thought on a couple of things and will be talking to Joey to try to make some good out of this for the two other drivers/owners most effected by this. I will try to contact you to discuss it after I speak with Joey if you will accept the contact.

I want to thank everyone for a really good season, and the race the other night up until those last 7-10 laps was another great one. I will be sending info on the banquet as soon as I can finalize cost etc. and we will be doing something for the top 10 drivers even if you did not meet the 80% but you do need to attend the banquet to receive it.

Thank you,

Rick Bristol

Bad call

I do not know either of the people involved in the points. This is one of the worst calls I have ever seen in racing. Had the white flag been thrown on lap 74, the results would have still been different. The white flag tells drivers, this is your last chance to advance! Who pays for the guys truck that got tore to sh_t, on the lap that did not exist. You can back track all you want, but this is pathetic. The race should have been scored the way the flags fell.!! Vince P.

First knowing who all one under the checkers is the winner… PERIOD.

Drivers aren’t counting laps in their heads, they react to the flags in front of them.

Most, if not all of the fans around us had no idea that there was a problem. They went by the flags.
One thing we can always count on is Rick putting out a poorly worded defense of himself.

What is really in question here? The driver who won the race? The Championship or both? And if Becca finished 2nd would she still have won the championship? Just curious. And the race results
the 12 truck crashed out a lap before us and got scored 12th to our 13th. Doesn’t really matter to me we’re not running for points and I don’t think there was any difference in the payout. Just wondering how that happened?

If KARNAC charged $1.00 every time someone wrote “I”

Rick Bristol would be out $41.00 and Rick Anges would be having a nice steak dinner.

I’ve seen this happen before, some will be happy and some will be mad. There is no way to make it right, only telling the truth, making a decision, and suffering the consequences for a screw up, and you can’t blame it on the flagman. He was not alone in this snafu.


A tough call indeed.

I understand how you got to the conclusions that you did, however, something to be noted is that NASCAR ensures that, no matter what, the fans go home knowing who won the race, and in this case, the championship.

I don’t know how to avoid such issues in the future, but would suggest putting some thought into it.