3 Palms Speedway

HEY, isn’t this the big weekend for 3 Palms… Grand Opening with TBARA Sprints… (I could be mistaken, but I think the #85 Rex Hollinger is planning of being there to race)…hope he’s not the only car to show up… but then I heard about a week ago they only had poles up with no fencing…it “Was” a nice little track - sure hope to see a re-birth down there…OSF

Way to blow the secret Bob. I had that one car race IN THE BAG!

It will work out, they will reopen, and then have their ups and downs like everyone else. I’m looking forward to running there…whenever they get it done.

Stop by PGS/TPS and took a few pics on 11/6.

Track is looking good other than black walls and no stands.




Everything is looking up.

[SIZE=“4”]Talked with Pam S. from the Airport of Friday. Three Palms is paid up and in good standings. Also called Jamie and he said that “THEY” will having a press release soon (do not lesson to anyone else on the subject). Can’t wait to go back. I always loved the track. It was the first track that FASTRUCK had a race in the Series in 1995 (it was the American Race Trucks then) and now we have a Dwarf and a Mod Mini to race. Pictures sure look GOOD!!![/SIZE]:huepfen024::huepfen024::sport009::huepfen024: