"Old Fart's" going for double header

[SIZE=“4”]This weekend will see us supporting Jason in the #7 Mod-Mini at Citrus on Saturday and Sunday at Auburndale. Haven’t been to CCS since Gary took over. I heard he really made some changes and can’t wait. Every time I gone to a track I get to renew Friendships. Hopefully we will have big competition at both tracks!!! Remember we only have so long on the Planet, make the best out of it “Hug a Friend”!!!Hope to see you there![/SIZE]:sport009::huepfen024::sport009::ernaehrung004:

Thanks for the warning!! Just kidding, but i do hate ANYTHING that’s not a v8! :slight_smile:

Mother nature go one race,but not the other.

As we pulled into Citrus it started to rain. Jason got to pratice and said he loved the track. I must say in was in very clean condition. Food was great. And the track was as nice as I have ever seen it. On Sunday I needed to pick up my daughter at the airport. Well as you can guess she had to chnage her plans that changed mine. Called Buddy and Jason they said 14 Mod-Mini’s and we ended up 5th. Auburnale had great races. Oh well there’s alway next weekend. But I would of loved to see the Sunday Race.:sport009::sport009::huepfen024::sport009: