Rainy night,Stir the pot.

OSW What are you doing?
I heard Katlizy wanted to kiss and make up with the butlers!
How can anyone say dirt racing isnt better than assphault…
Speaking of dirt OSW its time to convert!
Wing sprints are better than wingless…
RACING is much better now than the 70s or 80s
F1 is real racing…
Thats all I got.

Rob, you typed that while watching “Last Tango in Paris” didn’t you?

Does anyone know if Showtime rained out and if so, when the makeup date (if any) is scheduled?

It’s rescheduled for today at 1 pm. Look four post down from this one.

Thank you, sir.

You forgot to add using my tongue. If you are gonna gross me out then do it right.

I am not up for fighting right now. Found out my mom is losing her battle with cancer. I am off to NY for a while to be with her.

Sorry,Katz…Prayers with your family

Also send my condolences to you and yours, Kat.

As RR said, you and your Mom will be in my prayers. In a recent similar circumstance my own prayer was simply for God’s Will to be done…It seemed to bring a little Peace all along the way.

Thank you both