DJ Hoelzle #8 wins Ed Brann Memorial Race

DJ Hoelzle wins after taking the lead with 8 laps to go in this 75 lap race. He saved the right rear tire and drove a very smart tace to pass Doug Miller in the 53 car.

Thoughts and reflections, based on memory and opinion:

>Love him or hate him Mr. Yoho ran his usual tight ship with plenty of rough edges. Mrs. Yoho, also as usual, was gracious.

>DJ Hoelzle indeed ran a smart race. Doug Miller had the speed and the motor all day, but DJ and others (notably Bruce Bennett Jr) kept the pressure on him through multiple restarts. Eventually the sun came out, and it seemed like Doug’s tires did go away a little. DJ’s car was a tick tight but he ran hard all day–much of it on the outside, and simultaneously his car came in a little at the end.

>Pole sitter Devin McCloud took the 10K challenge but was never really a factor.

>Around lap 25 Wayne Jefferson was “crowded” by #46 Doug Moff and subsequently appeared to have lost control–self control that is, and drove over/through him coming out of two, costing himself a fairly certain top five, any prize money, and a few A-frames…

>Mason Love drove his typical Cup-style race, coming from deep in the field to win the Street Stock Feature.

One of DJ’s best wins after driving a smart race to win the Eddie Brann Memorial Race at Showtime Speedway over the best 26 cars in the state of Florida. DJ qualified 6th Place just 5/100’s of a second off the pole position. Then he just slowly moved to 2nd place with 18 laps to go and then with 10 to go he went on the outside to pass Doug Miller to lead the final 7 laps. Thanks go out to Skip and Billy for all their help, our sponsors GO-15, Fox Shocks. NAPA , Hyperco Springs, Dave Valselinuich Engines has given us the edge in the last 3 wins in a row in the horsepower and reliability of these engines.

Good Job DJ

8 Modified

Congrats again on your win!!! I would like to talk to you or D.J. for a little info on New Symrna. I would like to have another shot at you guys at the up coming race…lol. Please P.M. me

Eddie would have enjoyed that race. Congratulations to DJ on the win. And thanks to all the racers who participated.

I think Eddie enjoyed to. Congrats to DJ and to all off the drivers. You put on a SHOW