Florida/Georgia track owners meeting at VSP

It was a great day for our Florida & Georgia dirt track drivers. VSP hosted our second meeting for the Florida & Georgia Race Track Promoters today. We have been working on our schedules together to prevent double scheduling for large events; and going over rules to see where we can work together to make it easier for our drivers to travel to each track. Rules may take some time, but our scheduling was a success. Our efforts are to assist each other and keep the lines of communication open between tracks. Look in the near future for a facebook page that has the FLORIDA-GEORGIA RACE TRACK ASSOCATION. It will be for our drivers and fans to keep up on what’s happening around the states. Thanks to those who have joined our association and attended todays meeting. Our 2015 season is going to be a great success.
Albany Motor Speedway
East Bay Raceway Park
Golden Isle Speedway
Needmore Speedway
North Florida Speedway
Putman Speedway
Volusia Speedway Park

If you notice BRP is in fact missing from this list. It has been confirmed that they were invited and chose not to attend. I have defended BRP before but there is no excuse not to come to a meeting where it would have benefited everyone. I honestly thought with Scott Mcallister running things they would be more inclined to work with other tracks. Guess Bubba still has the final say which is a shame.

Is this deep pocket arrogance or are there tracks he is unwilling to cooperate with? Why weren’t Ken Kenny or Ray Miller mentioned as they play a major role in special races? Beyond my above concerns I see this as a very positive move for our sport as a whole and hope this is not a flash in the pan but rather an ongoing process.

I think the Asphalts Tracks should turn back a page.

[B][SIZE=“4”]Back in the day Big Don N would call together all the asphalt Tracks and all the Touring Series (that helped put butt’s in the seats) to meet at Lakeland USA. The Tracks were:
Lake City (asphalt)
New Smyrna
Ocala (asphalt)
Sun Shine

The Touring Series were:
Sunbelt Supers
“” “” Late Models
“” “” Open Wheels
Mod Mini’s
Outlaw Street Stocks
Outlaw Mod (4cyl)
Mini Cup
Cars of Yesterday
and others

Man I never thought at the time where we would be today. Maybe if we were all still scheduling to the next years schedule we would be in a better place.
Maybe the tracks should bring Don N. back. There a lot of empty seats. We are all the butt’s??? Possible they are still following the Touring Series.[/SIZE][/B]

You’re correct, that’s a long way from being all of the dirt tracks in Florida, not to mention Georgia. It might be a step in the right direction…no wait, it isn’t. Anybody remember the big asphalt owners/promoters meeting they had over here at Desoto a year or two ago? Most of the tracks were represented. Every body was going to work together, share classes, share series, not schedule against each other, write a rules package compatible with all the tracks. How did that work out? The tracks are actually starting to work together, brought on not by a big meeting, but by Desoto and NSS getting together to show how well it COULD work.
Unless there’s a breakout track that really wants to lead, there will only be the usual lip service and then every track for themselves.

I have to wonder if Ken’s series will even be around next year. I suspect he’s been putting a lot of his personal money into keeping the series going and it’s difficult to get decent car counts at some tracks. Maybe he’s had enough? I hope not. I like the series, but would like to see them run specials on days other than Saturdays.
I think it’s great to see the other tracks working together. I hope it is successful. I’m not at all surprised to see BRP skipping it. He could have been the best thing to happen to Florida dirt racing but instead, focused on putting other tracks out of business. Looks like it may have bit him in the butt and now he’s using speedweeks to make it through the year, without concern for the locals. JMO.

With the Thunderstocks getting larger car counts it would be wise for the tracks to get on the same page.A for effort I would venture to say a smart racing track owner,promoter would work together,other wise your more likely to shut the doors,we will see see if BRP Is let out.Hes got money show the green and they all come

With these dirt track owner/promoters getting together sounds awesome to me!

I can’t wait to see what they all come up with!

More car count will/should bring short track fans back to their/our roots!

Two thumbs up to all the tracks what were at the meeting!