Open Practice this Saturday at New Smyrna

We will have open practice at New Smyrna this Saturday Nov 15. The pit gate opens at 10am with practice from 11 until 4. The pit concessions will be open. Tech, tires and fuel will be available. Cost is $15 per person in the pits.

Oh Thankyou!:ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004:

Any decision on the half way break for the 100 lap Mod race?

There will be no break. You cannot lose a lap under caution provided you make it out of the pits by the green flag.

DD38 your just going to have to roll the dice and go for it! have your driver do like they do in nascar if the caution comes out and we know it will. shut the car off and coast and save fuel . You can also add more fuel line to the car. coil it up about 50 ft that will give you more fuel. .

Gee… there’s a trick that will slide right past Ricky Brooks. …!!!

Really SAFE too!!!

OK count me out. I am not going to put Chad in that position of a possible FIRE! I know it probably won’t happen, but I’m not willing to take that chance.

Ok got a fix for the problem!!! DD38


Jacob Warren will donate a quick fill can and dry brake system for use on the ORANGE CRATE DD38 SPECIAL for the Gov. Cup modified race weekend.
This will keep Chad Pierce safe so he can return home after the win to be with his hot new wife…This quick fill can and dry brake is a proven winner and in good condition ready for your use…

Wait I will also donate 3 gallons of race fuel of your choice to help your team make the distance…

I hope this helps if there is anyone else willing to help support the Orange DD38 special please do so. Your help will be appreciated and Ricky Brooks would love to have another hot rod to tech.

Lets Go Racing
Jacob Warren
Jacob Warren Performance

DD38 are you going to run the gov cup sunday with your super ?

I’ll donate the other 2 gallons of fuel and 1 new hot off the press 2014 Governors Cup RABBIT SAFETY STICKER!!! Your welcome Chad.


Thanks Ricky Brooks

So far we have solved the safety and fueling issue for the lazy pit stop for Dd38.
collected 5 gallons of fuel and a free tech pass and sticker courtesy of Ricky…

I just got a call and someone is willing to donate 1 modified tire…
can we find a few more Karnacians to help DD38 get the beautiful Orange Hot rod to the racetrack? ???

Bonus Bonus Bonus… if your car wins the race I will buy you the correct size fuel cell so you can run next years race all green no stopping…

I say he won’t do it.

I’ll buy the other three tires. IF I get to drive! :slight_smile:
Good luck with whatever you decide!

Should someone send DD38 a message on Facebook.
I would hate to think DD38 does not get this good info on Karnac because I know he does not frequent the board very often??? It would be sad to think Dd38 does not take up these sponsorship donation opportunities because he waits until after the race to look on board again…

dd38 what does the team need now? The boys in shop said they could get the quick fill gas problem fixed in a few moments. Just waiting for your permission to go racing…

DD38 Doesn’t have any more excuses!!

Ricky…that was goooood!. Can’t wait for the gov cup. No repeats. Still have nightmares over the last one. Can’t wait bro!

Wonder if DD38 was at the practice???
Testing the fuel stop.

You ask for help, complain on this board and a few people offer help and you won’t answer… Not good PR work my friend for the DD38 race team…

Momma told me to never cry wolf…I’m just saying

Prolly discovered FB

No Jacob I saw your post. I am having a very hard time believing you. In our last encounter you cussed me out so bad (called me everything under the sun and some!) because i wasn’t in the position to help you with your wife’s transmission in her car.