Maybe it is just me but the only thing missing the last 10 laps was Gordon Solie announcing. As for NASCAR is it Waste Management or Waste Pro dropping all the “debris” on the track. It would be humorous to side by side a recording from 20 years ago with one from today and compare yellow flags etc. The crying though was Oscar material. I will stick with the locals it is steeped in reality.

That was a heroic effort on NASCAR’S part to gin up a close finish. They had crews stationed all around the place to throw trash out on the track every time a driver got a big lead. Or whenever Hendrick teams asked for a caution.

Once I heard a group of kids talking about “professional” wrestling and indicated that both I and they knew it was all fake, so why did they bother?

After a second, one replied–“You go to the movies don’t you?”

Question answered.

Bruton Smith suggested having a caution every twenty laps or so to keep things close, " ‘If you have one every 20 laps, I don’t care,’ Smith said. ‘It adds to the show. Someone once said we’re in show business. Well, if we’re in show business, let’s deliver that show. Right now, we’re not delivering it.’ " --ESPN

I would support that, both at Cup level and at New Smyrna.