Drivers Running BRP NeSmith show!

Walker Arthur
Kyle Bronson
Josh Richards
Ivedent Lloyd
Jonathan DaVenport
Mark Whitener
Ronnie Johnson
Johnny Stokes
David Earl Gentry
Dennis Franklin
Doug Horton
Keith Nosbisch
Tyler Clem
Matt Henderson
Pierce McCarter
Chris Noah
Justin McRee
Ryan Montgomery
Chase Edge
Joey Coulter
Greg Martin
Carter Stokes
Michael Blount
Jake Knowles
Shan Smith

and I’m sure there are plenty more I have not heard about…supposed to be some coming from Pennsylvania

Josh Richards?

The one kid from PA will probably be there i can’t remember his name but he is about the same age as tyler clem

Richards is Kyle Bronson’s teammate this week

Per NeSmith Officials


Michael Lake
Mike Pegher, Jr.
Tait Davenport
Montana Dudley
Brent Barrett
Marcus Minga
Adam Beeler
Jeff Matthews
Jeff Smith
and the WoO champion Darrell Lanigan

Outstanding quality right there. Should be a great show.

When is this?

Nesmith Crates are this Fri. and Sat. with the E-Mods as support.

Ths Fri and Sat Jerry come on out dad and i will be there both nights with my son and nephew.

If you like dirt track racing, you won’t want to miss this show. Good luck to all of the entrants using Renegade Racing Fuels, the official race fuel of the Nesmith Dirt Series.

I can’t confirm but i am hearing 45 drivers signed in for practice if someone is there let me know if that is right.

Just my luck… 2 great shows going head to head. If it wasn’t for tradition of having a BBQ at NSS, I’d love to hit both. This sounds like an outstanding show. Dirt LM’s never disappoint.

Agreed Jerry, I’m just glad the Governor’s Cup is on Sunday pm. I will do the doubleheader. Then I get to rev it all up again for the Snowball.

There are a bunch of great shows this weekend. East Bay has the Reutimann memorial race for modifieds, who will be running topless this week. I plan on catching that show. Hendry County has a $10,000 to win Hobby stock show also. You can bet there will be a bunch of those cars at that show. That type of payoff is nearly unheard of for that class.

42 cars Ronnie Johnson set fast time with a 15.393. Winger the 10k is for the thunderstocks also a 10k for the 4cyls at Screven this weekend as well