Snow impact on Gov Cup?

Any of the Northern drivers in danger of not makin it?

I believe the snow is the result of “lake-effect” so it is effecting a very small area around the Great Lakes. I doubt it will have much impact on Gov Cup teams making the trip down?

Actually saw it snow once in the area of the track!

Should be no problem this weekend, though.

Snow won’t be a problem but it sure is looking like rain might be a problem. Hope they have a contingency plan in place. I saw where Myrtle Beach turned their show this weekend from a 3 day to a 2 day show because of a high chance of rain for Sunday.

Yea, and Monday does’nt look good either…OSF

Ughh…cant see them moving it up to saturday, and hope they dont cuz i cant make it saturday was going to watch on speed51tv…