Dirt becomes mud in my eye

Alright.I couldnt make the Governors cup but thought maybe the weekend wouldnt be a total waste by going to Clewiston for theyre winternationals event.Hey sprints on dirt are good,even though Im a blacktop guy,but the thought of sprints,late models,a ten grand to win v8 thunderstock race and another v8 strictly stock division together sounded like good entertainment.One heat race in here comes the 20 percent chance of rain the Fort Myers area weathermen had insisted wouldnt change my saturday night plans.Not that hard mind you but hard enough I know I wouldnt want to be out on the track in a sprint car in it.Racin Jason the track announcer(and former Punta Gorda Speedway track announcer)insisted through the next four hours that just a little blip of rain on the radar had to move through the area and the racing would continue.He said they talked to local weathermen(sorry I know thats not politically correct thay like to be called meatheadorologists now.I have a better name Dumbasses.Or proffesional liars,or several other terms of endearment I have for them)It only stopped long enough for them to dry the track stand around and not race.4 hours later they finally pull the plug.T hey ran the next day but I couldnt come back.They told me the armbands would be good to any event next year.Will they remember or keep theyre word that long?I can only hope.Three tickets plus fuel down the tubes if not I guess.

A thought:

Contact someone of authority–maybe call, maybe an email address on their website, and try to get an email confirming that your bands will be good for next years race.

Maybe it will hold weight after everyone has forgotten the promise later…

sorry about that, rainouts are a bummer.

The real laughable part is the fact that all the way from Cape Coral the skies kept looking worse so when I got to Labelle I called the track to make sure they hadnt already cancelled.A lady answered the phone and assured me they werent getting any rain yet (this was around 530 pm)and they still intended to race.I asked her out of curiousity what were the plans if they DID rainout.She said they planned on rescheduling it if that did happen for December 13th.(Which didnt thrill me since thats the same day as the Coulter truck race at A-dale that I have already made plans to go to.)So upon enduring a 4 hour rain delay,which many people chose not to wait out and left,they finally called the race and announced they were running the next morning at 10am.Now what IF I had left assuming I had to come back in December?How pissed off do they think I would be to show up on that date to an empty speedway? How many other people did they tell the same fairy tale to?What a hell of a way to run any business and do that kind of BS to your paying customers.Come on.Hendry County any response?

Unrelated to the rain issue, but if I remember the posts I read correctly they DQ’d back to 5th place before they found a legal winner!

Well you post had me wondering who actually
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Good March 6 2015.