Snowball Derby! Where's our Gov Cup Winner?

So it begins today with parking & tech! I am planning to pay for Sunday’s broadcast on Speed51 to help support the event.

Does anyone know where our Gov Cup winner Travis Cope is? He’s not on the entry list…

David Rogers is usually the only East Coast Florida SLM Driver that goes over there, that place is tricky. No offense to the other drivers but Rogers has a very good handle on that track. If you’ve never been there, good luck making a show like the Derby, there are going to be some big names that won’t get in this year, the field is stacked. I’ve run my pro and super over there about the same amount I’ve run them at NSS and I still don’t have a great handle on five flags, which is why I don’t try to make the Derby, I wouldn’t have a chance. Not saying Cope wouldn’t have a chance as he is a great driver, but I think that’s why I think most of the bigger names on the east coast don’t go, if you don’t run there regularly it’s tough. That and the cost, your tires are gone in a super in about 30 laps, which is why some of the bigger teams will use 8 sets of tires in three days of practice.

A couple years ago, car owner Richie Wauters spent a reported $60,000 trying to get 3 cars into the field. … NOW of them got in.

The Derby is strictly for big budget teams, where most Fla teams can’t afford. Once in a while, someone will pull the funds together to cross a race off the Bucket List, but it’s a BIG buck game up there.

It’s not a stretch to say that Rogers sponsor, Steve Holland loves this event and kicks in a boatload of bucks to go each year. As good as David is, I doubt he can afford all the expenses that it takes on his own.

BIG dollars are usually the deciding factor of who goes and who dreams of it.

Under funded teams, no matter how good they are, can’t keep up with the deep pockets.

Thanks for the great insight guys. I was wondering why Cope, Dutilly, Boyd, TJ Duke, etc were not on the list but now it makes more sense. I guess judging by the haulers and tires it is a very expensive race!

Based on my informal look at the entries and the cars on the grounds, Central/ South Florida has a pretty decent representation at the Derby.

Stephen Nasse

Steve Dorer pro and Super

Jeff Choquette

David Rogers

Daniel Webster

Chris Fontaine

Kurt Jett pro

That’s great representation, definitely pulling for Nasse & Rogers! I’m not familiar with the others but I’ll watch them throughout the weekend too.

Not a big fan of Choquette at the moment after his classless move in the Governor’s Cup

Larry Blount is there too.:ernaehrung004:

Brad May at the top of the leaderboard for Pro Lates right now. I forgot about Nasse and Choquette although they are more National racers than strictly Florida Racers.

Headin out in a bit to catch the Bombers and Sportsman tonight and then I’ll be there pretty much for the duration. If you haven’t ever been this would be the year as anyone who’s ever been could tell you it gets BITTER cold at least one or two nights but this year looks to be warm every day.

Not to mention the car counts are going to be great in every class.

How many supers & pros make each race?

Anyone purchasing the three day package on Speed51? Looks like they have a large quantity of cars in all of the support classes… I’m tempted

Pretty sure it’s 36 in the Ball and the Flake. The last chance races are always wild as heck.

the 29 did no wrong

[QUOTE=jbonez21;153250]That’s great representation, definitely pulling for Nasse & Rogers! I’m not familiar with the others but I’ll watch them throughout the weekend too.

Not a big fan of Choquette at the moment after his classless move in the Governor’s Cup[/QUOTE]

from where I was sitting in turn 3, the 29 waited a lot longer then I would have. The Pickerhead in the 112 got what he needed. On all of the restarts,he would slam the 29 all the way down the back backside of the track where no one could see what he was doing:huh:

i got the weekend pass - getting ready to watch the bombers and sportsman tonight. It is shaping up as a hell of a race this weekend. The qty and level of competition in all classes is superb. cant wait.

Watching live feed now…super cool…if u are a fan you have to get this . I have it streaming to my big screen…cant wait for the weekend shows!

28 Bombers and 20 Sportsman, kind of a crash fest. Haven’t heard how Reynolds is this morning hope he’s ok he’s a regular at Mobile, couldn’t have been good if they felt they had to cut the roof off.

Mod and Super Stocks tonight, remember Sportsman and Super Stock names are exactly opposite what they are at NSS…PCola Super Stocks are Sportmans in the rest of Fla.

Tomorrow’s Hooligan races look to be large and wild.

Yea he had a hard shot for sure - seemed like a neck/back deal. Good racing in between the wrecks though. The cameras and lighting were fighting a battle with some shots being too dark. Overall a solid B+ or A though in my book. They had graphics and replays. The Derby being during daylight will make a huge difference - as well as the trailers being gone. Pit reporters and video were cool.

Hey bubba, how did you watch it on your big screen? Did you HDMI from a laptop or something?

Yea that was the easiest. Not sure if the built-in browsers etc on the tv would work. HDMI took the sound through the tv as well in my case. A little off on the edges but looked great - is it too much to ask if they can do it in HD next yr? :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll use the same setup. Too bad to hear they aren’t broadcasting in HD, I wonder if it’s because they don’t have HD cameras or if it’s a bandwidth issue.

Modifieds just finished their practice and DJ Hoezle was running 7th fastest out of 34 mods. I may pay $20 and tune in tonight!