E-mod 50 lapper postponed till next friday

Track too wet,had a great car count. 18 E mods best count in years.

yea was looking good they had fans in the stands. pits full of cars even with the bad weather they still came out. we will give it another shot next week .:ernaehrung004:

That is awesome.How many Super Stocks?

Not sure how many super stock but I know it was more then they had in the past. put it this way the pits had so many cars that people were parked in the back grass area behind the bathrooms. It would have been a great show. the rain just drizzed enough to make a mess funny the rain chance was only 10% .

Well, that’s a shame.

It “drizzled” and the track could not be dried by 9pm?

I dunno, on the one hand am happy for the crowd, on the other, am wondering how many left disappointed?

I have been at New Smyrna until 2am waiting on the rain. Race, rain, wait, repeat, until the show was gotten in.

oldschool it was still raining when we left at 9:00 everybody was in agreement with the decision.

OSW weeps worse than NSS. Probably would of been a 1 groove caution filled event. Glad to hear there was a crowd. Will try to make next fri. Keeping fingers crossed that OSW will be resurrected.

They tried, and tried and tried to race, but there was no hope with the weather last night.

I stand corrected.

Glad to hear they put the effort in, & thx for sharing that info.

Well looks good this Friday 0% rain for OSW. I have to say I am looking forward to it . LET’S GET IN ON !!! LET’:ernaehrung004:S RACE!

Will the mods get to qualify??

They said they are just going to pull numbers . my guess is they don’t have a timing device to use.

Bingo. :huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024:

What about hear races then? Looks like it should be a great race

Can I ??

run a restrictor plate on big motor ?

they said no big motors e-mod class only.

No Doug, I already asked and they didn’t want to hear anything about “big motor” mods. BTW mine is far from a big motor LOL


isn’t a big motor either…354. Are e mods all crate motors ? Or do they have a built motor thing too? Just curious

From reading Karnac, it looks as though if somebody beats you in the mods, it’s because they’re running a big motor.
There’s no legitimate reason for not lumping the Es and the real OWMs together. There’s plenty of proven ways to equalize the 2 classes… plates, 2 vs 4 barrels, weight, tires, and many others.


I think that there would be a lot of grey areas. You would dam sure have to have a tech man who was on it. Anyone remember when sunshine had the 420 lift rule ? I like the idea of equal motors and let the driver and chassis win races. As for the crate motors…I just don’t think they are all legal and that’s just my opinion.