Speed 51 stream

Better than nothing, I guess. With the volume turned off, that is. :slight_smile:

Tough break Patrick(unlucky) but a good move by Morris in lapped traffic. What a cluster to have to negotiate around on the white flag lap! Been there, done that, both results. You’ll win it next year bud.

After seeing some of the others posts, i will keep my fingers crossed…no problems yet. Logged in on time and had it on for 5 hrs w no problems. Lighting is an issue and their commentary is questionable. I actually enjoyed the first nights announcers more, they knew what was up.

I am just thrilled to see any of it after not being able to be there.

Well, all said and done - i felt like i got my moneys worth. I did have some issues on Sunday - missed first 30 laps and was about to blow a gasket . Then it came on and stayed solid until 80 to go then had intermittent issues but saw the last 50 without interruption.

Since i wouldnt have seen any of it without the coverage - i am happy. For this being the first “big” broadcast, i will cut them some slack and hope they do more (especially NSS speedweeks - i can never make all the nights). Room to improve, but much better than not seeing it. Really liked the in car conversations they had.

Nothing beats being there though.

I was there and their were a few folks with it on their tablets… Pretty cool to be at the race and be able to see the race on a gadget…