Three Palms Speedway Update...

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PUNTA GORDA, FL - While racing season has come to an end for much of the country, it?s only getting started down in Southwest Florida.

Three Palms Speedway, located in Punta Gorda, FL, is giving race fans in the region an early Christmas present by hosting an exhibition race on December 20th. That exhibition will feature nine divisions of racing.

?We?re absolutely thrilled,? Three Palms Speedway Vice President Andy Haase said. ?We?re huge racing fans and we?re in dire need to hear some stock car noises going around our speedway.?

Because the grandstands have not yet been installed, the track is dubbing the event ?Bring Your Own Seat Racing? and pricing General Admission tickets at $5. Haase said they hope to have the grandstands installed by early January so they can get the regular season underway.

?We will have them up shortly. We just hit a few more snags with the county in getting approval to get those installed. We thought this would be a fun way to give the fans a Christmas present for hanging in there with us. We?ll have them installed by early January.?

Once the grandstands are installed, they will get underway with racing on a regular basis.

?We?re looking to pretty much start kicking off racing shortly. We?re waiting to see when the grandstands will go up but we?ll kick off the first part of January to mid-January and we?ll be racing full-time. We?ll be a year-round track. We?ll rarely close down.?

Haase said that the track would run a limited schedule during August and September, which are traditionally the months it rains the most in Florida. Instead of racing every week, they will race every other week during the mid-summer months.

The December 20th race will feature racing action for the Outlaw 4’s, Young Guns 4’s, Bombers, Super Stocks, Thunder Trucks, Dwarf Cars, Legends, TQ Midgets and Rookie Pro Trucks. Heat races will begin at 3 pm and the feature races will begin at 6 pm.

Haase said that, when the track returns to full-time racing in early 2015, they will run races for the Super Late Model, Sportsman, Modified and Thunder Truck divisions on a rotating schedule allowing each division to race once a month.

As reconstruction efforts have continued, the track has been holding drifting events on a regular basis.

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You would think the new owners-promoters would be on every forum they could to promote the opening of the track. I just don’t get why they don’t promote on a “Florida” forum. Instead of one that from up north. I sure hope they make it. They sure aren’t starting off to well. And thanks Dave for keeping us posted on this, I actually live in Ft. Myers and this is the first time I’ve heard about the opening.


Did anyone get a chance to go???

[SIZE=“4”]Sorry I couldn’t make it. Our Dwarf Car #13 still has some small issues. But it’s looking good. Can’t wait to get Jason Lester “Rowdy Racer” back on track with “Old Yeller” (the name I gave our new Dwarf Car).:auto003::auto003: The Mod-Mini is at B&E getting a new 2015 Chevy Camaro body “Scooby Doo” this week. :huepfen024:Can’t wait to see it. We are going threw it top to bottom. This year we start at Show Time to kick off Jason second season (last year he old ran 11 races at the end of the year). Can’t wait to hear from someone that made the opening at Three Palms. Sure hope they had all the success they were hoping for. Saw a post on Facebook. Show the Fans with Big smiles on the face. It a GREAT track to race at and I will always and a place in my heart (it was the 1st place for the FASTRUCK Series in 1995). Hope to see everyone soon. Happy Holidays form the Old Farts!!! Remember racing is suppose to be FUN!!! :ernaehrung004:[/SIZE]

This might just be a record for the length of time taken to get an existing race track back up and running. They might even beat Sand Mountain’s current record.
Problem is, at this rate, once they have the final touches in place, all of the original work will be crumbling with age and they’ll be back where they started.

They posted some photos and a video on their Facebook page but no results… It does look like they had a few cars and the weather looked fabulous…

Well to let everyone know they had rookie 4s, Dwarf cars, Legends, TQ midgets, Thunder Trucks, Super Stocks, and Street Stocks. 40 to 50 cars total between the classes. The food combos at the concession were priced really reasonable. The crowd was pretty decent in my opinion for bringing your own seats. The hill was packed. The most cars in the feature were the Street Stocks which Cody Allen won, 10 total. They 15 to 25 lap features, was pretty good racing to see for $5. The races were over by 9:00PM Not a bad night really, can’t wait till the track opens.

Overall,the Hasse family should be happy with the turnout both in the pits and through the general admission gates.A few glitches but nothing you couldnt expect from a track thats been dormant for almost two years.Good racing for the car count involved,a decent (but kind of late arriving crowd)and I think it should be encouraging to them on the whole.Jaime you really need to talk those guys into putting wings on the tq midgets so you can bill those things as tq sprints,I think it would be more impressive and a better fan draw.For only 6 of them they put on a good feature race.I wanted to talk to you after the races,but you were tied up so I did get to speak briefly with one of your sons on the way out.I talked to a couple who just moved to the Punta Gorda area from Bradenton about two weeks ago and they are on the track e-mail list is the only way they knew the track was there.They said they would definately be back,as will I and the two other people I bring with me.I look forward to you getting the faster classes back to the track as do many others so good luck moving forward in 2015.

Sounds like a great time was had by all.

[SIZE=“4”]Is there any word on the Grand Opening? In 2007 for our opener we had a Late Model race $5000.00 (Brian Davidson Memorial) to Win and we got 48 cars showed 36 took the green and 4500+ people (Mike Franklin Won the money we had $1000.00 bonus to start in the rear $6000.00 total). The Track is one of the best for racing. Two and three groove when you put down the Track Grip. Congrats to the Owner and we can’t wait to be back home racing.
PS: The new fence looks GREAT!!![/SIZE]