Final Pete Orr Memorial Next Month

From Speed51:

When the checkered flag falls at the end of the Pete Orr Memorial 100 at New Smyrna Speedway (FL) in January, it will be the 13th time, but also the final time the race will be completed. The Orr family has decided to end the race after the 2015 edition.

?It?s just kind of run its course,? Orr?s son, Bobby, told powered by JEGS. ?There?s a lot of different things that kind of go into it all. This is going to be the 13th year and it?s kind of gotten to the point where I?d say the majority of the field knew of my dad, but they don?t know who he is anymore. It?s kind of lost some of its meaning in some aspects because some people are just racing because it?s a race.?

The Pete Orr Memorial was formerly the Orange Blossom 100. Orr won the race four times, more than anybody else. When Orr died of lymphoma in 2002, the track and the family came together to start the memorial race and they thought it would be fitting to rename the Orange Blossom, a race that Orr had much success competing in.

The Pete Orr Memorial has been won by some of the best in racing. Florida?s Wayne Anderson has won it twice. Jeff Choquette has won it three times and 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Rookie of the Year Kyle Larson has scored a win in the event.

With the event ending, so is the Sportsmanship Award. The family thought it would be best to end everything all at once after this one last race on January 24, 2015.

?I still struggle with the whole situation, personally,? said Bobby. ?At the end of this year when we walk out of the track that night we are going to have some closure to everything and then that?s going to be it.

?I appreciate everyone at New Smyrna Speedway, especially Kim Brown, for working with me. Without her this race would have ended a long time ago.?

Rename it back to the 'Blossom in '16.

That’s truly sad. Although I did not know Pete all my life, I felt like I did. He taught me a lot about Racing and Life. One thing sticks out. When my Daughter was about 4 (She’s 27+ now) we would go out to his house his Daughter Lisa would pick Kate up and squeeze her against herself and carry her around. So Pete gave Lisa the nickname “The Vise”. It was so funny to watch. And his red Chevy truck was always on empty. We coasted into many of gas stations when we were out on our nightly adventures. We talked about many things in that truck. I could go on and on as could others. Hardly a day goes by I still don’t think about him. And he never forgot a person.

Pete Orr was a class act! There are not many like him around anymore! Did not really know him, but I did watch him race a lot, he was fast and clean, which always impressed me. His legacy will live on, with or without the race.

One of the all time legends of southern short track. Awesome racer and a class act! I remember watching him run from the time I first watched racing .