Coulter Charity Race Friday

17 Pro Trucks qualified… Top 5:

  1. Steve Darvilacs 14.563
  2. Cody Allen 14.572
  3. Becca Monopoli 14.682
  4. Billy Carlbert, Jr. 14.734
  5. Cody McDuffie 14.805

Only 9 Sortsman qualified… There were 10 but Josh Calvert had his throttle stick and hit the wall but is OK… Good purse up for grabs, so where all all the cars?
Top 5:

  1. Dylan Martin 14.513
  2. Kurt Jett 14.796
  3. Shawn Jenkins 14.814
  4. Mike Smith 14.823
  5. Chris Narramore 14.925

Bobby Mobley set fast time for the bombers but had a mechanical issue and did not start the feature… 15 cars started… Top 5:

  1. Nick Malverty
  2. Roy Healey
  3. Danny Burchfield
  4. Aaron Holmes
  5. James Wright

Scramblers Top 5:

  1. Richard Edwards
  2. Robert Fellows
  3. Kelly Hahn
  4. Andy Travis
  5. Ronnie Culpepper
    (Chuck Harrison crossed in 2nd but was DQ’d for not going to tech)


  1. Jim Erb
  2. Shane Sutorus
  3. Steve Utley

School Bus Figure 8: Jim Erb

Demo Derby: Shawn “Crazy Cuban” Michaels

Nice crowd for as cold as it was… Tomorrow: autograph session at 5:30 and racing at 7 pm… Pro Trucks 100 laps, Sportsman 100 laps… Kid’s Big Wheel races during intermission…

cold, cold, cold

Hey Announcer Dave congrats on a nice job at the mic. I was one of the crowd who braved the cold last night and was glad I did. Saw some pretty good action. Hopefully the car/truck counts will improve on the second day as they usually do. 17 trucks timed, so there may be 20+ for the actual race. Sportsman with ten cars for times was okay as maybe another half dozen or so will show today. How do you like the cone restarts, sounded like the restart system at A’Dale took you by surprise a couple of times. Takes some getting used too but I enjoy the cone system… All divisions put on some pretty good racing last night and was glad to see your recap this morning. BTW, the A’dale hot dog is perhaps the best in the state, sorry Zuber dog folks, and the french fried wedges were fantastic. See ya tonight !!! Dress warm everyone…

Any results or complete rundown on where all finished in both races Saturday