OSW Results from 12/12/14

I was not there last Friday so it’s hard to write a story but I do have the results with a couple of exceptions where they could not read the names in the Super Stocks…
If you were there and want to add anything, feel free! Congrats to the winners, especially my old buddy Doug Samion who has the car Johnny Brown won so many Super Stock races with back in 2006-07…


  1. 44B - Matthew Green
  2. 59 - Chris Brannon
  3. 96 - Matt Wheeler
  4. 00 - John Hodge
  5. 27 - Mike Soukup
  6. 14 - Roger Benton
  7. 33 - Shain Held
  8. 40 - Dennis Snyder
  9. 90 - George Dahm
  10. 21 - Mike Dahm
  11. 7 - Stephen Thornburg
  12. 111 - Junior Beckner
  13. 5 - Jon Compagnone
  14. 35 - Gino Tuminello


  1. 86 - Doug Samion
  2. 20 - Justin Reynolds
  3. 6 - Preston Hunt
  4. ???
  5. 36 - Jeff Cuddy
  6. 60 -Ernie Tuminello
  7. ???
  8. 13 - Ron McCreary
  9. 52 - Scott Bertram
  10. 92 - Ted Head
  11. 29 - Donny Funk
  12. 43 - Butch Herdegen
  13. 3 - Ron Whaley


  1. 8 - Neil Kirby
  2. 13 - Ron McCreary
  3. 12 - Charles King, Sr.
  4. 67 - Kevin Ledford
  5. 0 - Bill Loomis
  6. 88 - Mark Shukwit
  7. 58 - James Skinner
  8. 03 - Aaron Overman
  9. 5 - Jamie Sullivan


  1. 9 - Zachary Curtis
  2. 37 - Charles King, Jr.
  3. 00 - Eric Hodge
  4. 99 - Bucko
  5. 23 - Kendra Gregory

Dave I know you were not there just going off what they gave you the results are some what right on the Emods your missing the 15 of Bruce packer and the 112 Jarrett korpi was the first car out .

Like I said, I’m just going from what I got from the folks running the show…

Nice turnout.


For a low buck deal, they are doing impressively well.


4th was my brother Matt Reynolds. Good turnout for sure but need to work on a few things like race line ups and starting order before the race starts. Super stocks were called out for heats and there was no line up and people just started goin out and starting where ever. I was not happy with tech but I guess it’s run whatever you want pretty much tech will let you go

When they do this again, I’ll definitely return. Great show that nobody saw…at least on the grandstand side.

I still think E-Mods are a perfect fit for this track, and the track needs a headline class.

They also said that next year will feature the Super Lates for a few shows.

Super Lates are a waste of money

If you want the best show for your money,you need the Sportsman guys. Now that is where the REAL RACERS are today. If only they could get a little respect.:ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004:

Respect? after a statement like that?

hey I have a question did they make the right call on the E-mod race when the 44 bumped the the 2nd place car at the end and spun himself out should the 44 have been move to the back or got his spot back I think he should have gone to the back. what do you think frasson you were there.

Short track. It was the wrong call for sure. 44 should have gone to the back. 29? Jumped the previous restart and neither of those were called. At least the calls were consistent…

I think if we could of run heats or qualify it would have been a much more interesting race I think most of us were running wounded from the first caution. It was a real good time anyway and would also like to run a sportsman race there!

yea cake I forgot about that yea he did jump the restart that 44 has a built motor I thought he look a little to strong down the straight away for that class .I would like to see those built motors tore down weigh the cranks check for light weight rotating parts. that why I think it your going to run a class with crates they all should be crates. nobody wants to see a car come out and watch a car drive away from the other cars week after week that makes a boring race that is a fan killer as well. that’s why I left when the strictly stock classes ran I knew who was going to win

Are you sure it’s a good idea to eliminate the built motors in a class that almost no one runs in and no fans come out to see? You need everyone.
Racing is about going faster than the next guy, not cruising around at your own pace waiting for officials to outlaw the guys who are faster than you.
I have a feeling that the car that " drove away from the field " wasn’t doing it on motor alone.

matt I don’t race I was stating what I saw watching this race. I am no fool matt anybody that’s been around racing can tell when something isn’t right when one car powers away coming out of a turn down the straight away in a class like this. you know what I am talking about.


The emods have quite a few of guys with cars on this side of the state. The problem with them at Smyrna is Jeff the tech doesn’t want to tech anyones motor for some reason. I had a crate and a proven car in big motor mods and couldn’t keep up with these guys for some reason. They would pull me 3 cars down the straight aways, but it’s a diff story at Orlando and Chris in the 59 showed crates can keep up on the smaller track, that they can have more hp but they don’t have them long straights to walk away like they do at Smyrna.

yea I was there and saw that as well Justin I know you can wheel a car. and I thought the same thing in that race . the E-mod guys need to pool there money together and start tearing them down .