Are you getting "CABIN FEVER"!!!!!!Here's a fix!!!!

[B][SIZE=“4”]Ambassador Racing School “Arrive and Drive” is racing tonight (every week on Tuesdays, and Friday nights). Only $6.00 a race. That’s right $6.00 for each race!!!

If you have never been there here’s the Cliff Notes:

Show with long pants, closes toe shoes, a jacket is suggested and a smile on your face ear to ear.
They provide everything (safety wise).
You race 8 to 10 karts on the track for each 10 lap race.
The track is almost a 10th mile asphalt semi banked (two lane racing).
I have seen some of our top drivers keeping up their reactions and have a blast at the same time.
Sign up is 6:00 PM till 7:00 PM (if your running late call 813-634-1076).
Racing from 7:00 till everyone is wore as… out.
[SIZE=“5”]If you have every gone let everyone know(we should get everyone together and some good fun) add a post.[/SIZE] They have group events call for more information.[/SIZE][/B]

Not telling you how to market things, but it might not be a bad idea to tell everyone not only what this track is, but much more important, WHERE IT IS.

Thanks Matt! Happy New Year!!!

[SIZE=“4”]Thanks Matt!!! You never miss a thing. It’s located at 14840 Speedway Dr. Wimauma Fla. 33598. You can check out their web-site at and see all the things that they have going on. Heck if you have a child that you know or own. They have a S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) racing summer camp that you can send them to an have a fantastic week learning about applied hands on learning based on the real World of Racing. In case you missed it here’s the phone number again 813-634-1076 if your interested. Matt I don’t know about your racing back ground, but it’s heck of a lot of FUN. And isn’t that’s what life’s all about? You have a HAPPY NEW YEAR. And again thanks for helping in the marketing department. If you have any questions or want to give me more insight my cell number is 813-817-RACE (7223).[/SIZE]:ernaehrung004:

If I owned a boy child maybe I’d bring him down. The two children I own are girlie girls…:frowning:

Those karts are fun though!

If I let the ones I own out they might tell someone. :anim_buttkick:

That does look fun. If I’m ever in the area on Tues or Friday I’ll check it out.

First Arrive and Drive for 2015!!!

[SIZE=“4”]Tonight will be the first “Arrive and Drive” for 2015 (10 to 12 laps for only $6.00 a race). Bring the kids and make it a Family Night. The young ones have their own karts and their own races. The ages starts at 6 and (or 50" tall to fit in the karts) up to Seniors. Yes the racers are in two groups. So the weather is perfect and the Cabin Fever is at a all time high. Bring the camera’s there’s always is Kodak moments. Remember located just south of Riverview and east of Sun City just a few miles from I-75. Hope to see you tonight!!! Again the address is 14840 Sweedway Dr. Wimauma Fla 33598 just call 813-634-1076 to let them know who’s all coming!!! Tell them Bobby sent you!!![/SIZE]:auto003::auto003::auto003::aktion033: