So, What Tire

:anim_pound: Ok guys, What tires are going to run on the Sportsman cars in 2015? What tires for the Pete Ore Race? What tires for the Speedweeks Race? Are we going to have time to use up what we have or is it time to make some new swings? How about it NSS/CCS/D/S:anim_pound::anim_pound:

You know, it probably would be a good time to discuss tires for the upcoming season. That’s a topic that doesn’t get talked about as much as it deserves.

Ok ill swing at it…Black and round… LOL


[QUOTE=Don Nerone;153958]Ok ill swing at it…Black and round… LOL


You’re thinking of an old girlfriend.

End of year fireworks, boom. :ohmy:

Who needs tires when you can catch fish like this.

you would think that someone would have something by now…maybe we will be told to buy 4 new this tires week to use up the stock, then they will say, “hey we dont use them anymore”:musik010:

something fishy here…is that a tuna??


[QUOTE=Don Nerone;154010]something fishy here…is that a tuna??


Yes, and a dolphin. LOL !

Is that the guy that would yell and scream, scream and yell, all the time, for several years on and on, and wanted to pick a fight in the parking lot with everyone? I forgot the name, but it went on for years.

That’s the infamous Tunaman with a very nice Dolphin. Best wishes and Happy New Year tuna if you see this.

Tunaman must be a “fly” fisherman since his fly is down in the pic. FAIL!:stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t look there…
I don’t check out men to see if there fly is down!!
whats up with that dude ??


way to go

[QUOTE=Don Nerone;154042]I didn’t look there…
I don’t check out men to see if there fly is down!!
whats up with that dude ??


That was a good one Don, Let them know where you stand.

Ummmmmm, clearly that’s beer in the SUDS rule bucket, not chardonnay.

It is just that Garrity’s Car is soooooo fly.

(urban dictionary):

And that’s why there are partitions between the urinals in the men’s room, some men will sneak a peak. Scott Gazer Garrity. LOL !

Talk about …

Man,talk about off track, This one has left the thread for sure

So juvenile…yet so VERY FUNNY, EZ (and yes you too Don). Touche?.

BTW Don, where did you take that job in racing? (So I can avoid it like the plague!)

Happy New Year everyone!

In the “kick him while he is down” dept, it was all going so well until the “touch-e” part…

Happy New Years to you as well, Mr. Garrity!

Say, are your sheet metal “issues” and Patrick’s “related”? :dry:

Lol, Old School. I don’t have any sheet metal issues. I run the ABC Late Model body on my car. Not because I have $ though. Just the opposite. My car had it when I bought it and it had been cheaper to maintain in one panel at a time then to completely switch to the aluminum Outlaw body. I also have an old boat guy who fixes the fibreglass when it gets damaged (he’s not gay either). Lol.

aint that bad

I think that you and Don would get along good if you would let him say his peace,before you try to shut him off. I think the two are a lot alike. It’s just y’all both wear blinders and are not open to new things unless you came up with it:ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004: