Rolex 24 Hours... Open invitation

I’ve been silent on here for a while but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about my favorite Karnacians lol!

I am going to be hanging out at Daytona from the 22nd to the 25th… If anyone is going to the 24 Hours, feel free to PM me your number if would be interested in stopping by the camp site to have a few beers and tell racing lies! I would love to meet some of you guys :ernaehrung004:

Hope everyone had a great holiday season!


Probably will be in the stands somewhere…

Also, am almost certain you are aware, but the Pete Orr Memorial is at New Smyrna the same evening of the first day of the Rolex 24.

Perhaps get a room on the south side of the speedway, maybe even Deland (lower $$ probably). It is an easy run to NSS from Daytona.

Will you also be silent @ Daytona…?

Me and the entire 07 crew will be there from Friday afternoon on in the RV lot outside the turn 1 tunnel. Looking forward to throwing back the SUDS with Phil in his infield outpost. Old school, you definitely should join us!

[QUOTE=OldSchool+;154146]Probably will be in the stands somewhere…

Also, am almost certain you are aware, but the Pete Orr Memorial is at New Smyrna the same evening of the first day of the Rolex 24.

Perhaps get a room on the south side of the speedway, maybe even Deland (lower $$ probably). It is an easy run to NSS from Daytona.

Will you also be silent @ Daytona…?[/QUOTE]

We only go sit in the stands for the start and finish of the race. I stay at the track and camp in the infield for Rolex for 4 days. That’s the only way to do it and I have been doing it for 10 years now with a group of about 20 people. I probably won’t go to the Pete Orr Memorial.

I definitely won’y be silent at Daytona… Especially with alcohol flowing as it does yearly with us!

Scott, when I get to the track Thursday night I will call and let you know exactly where we are. What I know for certain right now is we will be in turn 4 tent camping lot. It’s going to be a damn good time!

Hell yeah, brother. Looking forward to it! I’ll bring the Fireball. It travels well on foot! :ernaehrung004:

I already have Fireball, Jagermeister and Jack Daniels Honey on order plus 4 12 packs of Redd’s Apple Ale and whatever the rest of the guys bring lol!

Gonna be some good music, a good fire and good times! Race? What race? lol!

For the Stock Car Ruffians

For those that have not been to the Rolex 24, it isn’t like a race, per se.

More like an event. Like thanksgiving. The cars are fast and beautiful and diverse, but after about 15 laps they are mixed up and just roll around, and around, and…around. In recent years they have been closer, but still, don’t think of modified racing, think of fish swimming in a bowl.

Not that it isn’t cool. I have been to almost all of these things, and all of them since I could drive myself there. It is truly an endurace thing, both for the participants, and the fans.

Typically I go to the stands and hang with samiches, chips, peanuts, blankets, jackets, maybe a little Crown… and go home in the evening and then return Sunday morning for the conclusion.

Along the way I have (variously) been to New Smyrna, gone out dancing, stayed at the beach, drank more, drank less…the choices are up to you.

I will be there on Saturday, would love to stop by and chat with you guys.

Awesome Joe. I’ll PM you that Friday when we get settled! :ernaehrung004:


Going too a drink and race breaks out,cool!

I just happened to be dropping my kid off at Grandma’s last year and even though I couldn’t find anyone to go with me I went by myself anyway and it was one of THE most fun events I’ve ever went to… Opted for the 100 VIP pass and was AMAZED at the access I had. Thinking of going again, will let you know if I do.

Sounds good Scott, look forward to it!

A lot of my local circle track buddies up here question why I go to the Rolex rather than the World Series lol There is quite honestly nothing better than Rolex in my eyes. So much to do, from carnival rides to live music, contests and some of the most up close and personal garage access you will get at any professional racing event. Oh yeah, and some damn good racing too!

By all means, hit us up and come have a drink or two! It’s gonna be a great weekend!

We ran the 24 in 2008 and 2009, they are memories I will always cherish.

Very cool, Joe. I was hoping to see my friends on the Whelen Motorsports C7 Prototype Corvette Team, but they are skipping the event. The cost of running the 24 is astronomical for them, so I can understand. I’ll get to see them when they come down to field a car for Dalton Zehr in the K&N event at NSS. Team owner Ted Marsh is a pretty unique guy in the world of motorsports. Started out fielding Tour Mods and the Busch North cars with a ton of success, then made the jump to Nationwide with so-so results, then did a complete 180 and moved to Rolex GT cars, steadily improved and with Sonny Whelen’s blessing (and $) made the colossal jump to the Prototypes last year. They have become a road racing major player with a strictly short track oval background.

Let us know if you can make it Lurkin. We’ll keep a SUDS on ice for ya! :ernaehrung004:

Scott, I can understand why Marsh isn’t coming, they are not alone. The car count is down 14 from last year, the cost since the merger has skyrocketed. When we entered the 24 in '08 and '09, the entry fee was $8000. This year it is $27,000 and last year it was $36,000!! As you well know, as far as expenses go, that is just the tip of the iceberg. The Porsche we ran in GT cost $200,000 from the factory including delivery from Germany in 2008. The new 991 GT3 is over $400,000 now.

This is just one, out of about a million it seemed, celebrities I ran into. This is me and him hanging out after the drivers meeting… Just two men of similar ilk giving each other driving tips.

One of the many highlights was hanging in the Corvette VIP tent while Ron Fellows told of his time spent with Earnhardt Sr and of his 24 win. I ended up in the Ferrari VIP area “by accident” …it was freakin great!!

I could go on and on about all the people and things I saw. I felt bad for the people who couldn’t afford, or just decided not to buy the VIP pass, as they were peaking in the windows to the garage area where I was.

Ok that’s not me talking to him, it’s me creeping up snapping a photo of him and his grandson talking to some press guy, but you get the idea.