New Year's Enduros???

Any word on how the BIG Enduros went that were held over the extended New Year’s weekend at Showtime and Bronson? Were there a ton of cars or were they flops? Hadn’t seen any word anywhere on how they went.

8 cars at Bronson, an 32 cars showtime …

Both flops imo

Thanks Monkeybone.

Yeah Kat, but at least a thirty car enduro is watchable. 8 cars is sad. I remember going to Enduros at Riverside Park Speedway and seeing 100+ car Enduros. What a show! Hopefully Showtime can build from the 32 cars. As for Bronson, well there’s a lot of room for improvement up there from a bunch of angles.

The endro that I was involved in in Holland NY is still having good carcounts.
They had 88 cars I hear last show.
It has had 100 car range most of the time for the last 10 years.
Alowing front wheel drive cars only I think has been the reason
the car count is still strong.
The payout is based on car count still and has payed $5,000 many times.
Most o the racers come for the fun and the payoff is extra.
Hope that someone will get it going here.

Don 62