Cars at Practice for Pete Orr Memorial

David Rogers
Rico Abreu
Stephen Nasse
Tyler Dippel
Bobby Good
Spencer Davis
Will Gallagher
David Garbo Jr
Tyler Scofield
Jeff Scofield
Scott Heckert
JJ Hayley
Jake Perkins
Ashley Rogero
Jason Boyd
Anthony Sergi
Dalton Sargeant
Joe Boyd
David Green
Will Byron
Matthew Craig
Anthony Campi
Daniel Keene Jr

[SIZE=“3”]were they using transponders- any times available? How’d Rico do?[/SIZE]

Only 5 cars with transponders 18.01 fast time from transponders

Add Brad May & Chad Pierce.

Will update, if needed when I get there for practice.

Ashley Rogero…any relation to “Rodeo”…??

The niece of Larry Rogero… Hialeah Speedway racer.
She’s a good little kart racer out of Naples.