Tony Stewart buys All Star Series

I just saw where Tony Stewart has purchased the All Star Sprint Car Series. I can’t think of any of his racing investments ( and there are a bunch ) that haven’t turned to gold, so expect this one to go huge also.
Now if only he would start a series with Bruton Smith, to take on NASCAR.


However, historically NASCAR has crushed the opposition (ask Don Panoz), and Tony knows that.

Yes He’s going to be at BRP Feb 6-8

I suspect this as much about giving back to the sport as it is about making big bucks. A couple of long standing sprint car groups have had recent problems with there groups going forward. I don’t think he is trying to lose money but this is surely not a get rich opportunity or it would not been available for purchase. If he hasn’t made anything else clear his love for the sport is unquestionable.

Will his teams still run WoO or switch to ASCoC exclusivley?

“If he hasn’t made anything else clear, [Tony’s] love for the sport is unquestionable.”–EG

Agreed, like AJ Foyt’s-- his hero and prior keeper of the #14.

Gee, I guess he was too stupid to buy TBARA…

You’re absolutely right. I didn’t mean to imply that he was doing this or anything else solely to make money. I don’t get the feeling that money is ever behind the things Tony does. I think it is all about the sport, and not the money.

Is it for sale?

That’s a good question. I haven’t heard, but i suspect they might just run the All Stars.

Someone mentioned a series to challenge NASCAR. I don’t think that Stewart has ever really had his heart in “cabs”. It’s where he’s made the big bucks but I think he’s shown that his interest is in the open cockpit stuff. Over the years, when he jumped in a ride for a show somewhere, it was rarely in a stock car. Not many of his breed left, sad to say.

Maybe it should be!

Don’t look for Tonys teams to switch. His Outlaw drivers couldn’t make nearly the money in All Stars that they will on the Outlaw trail.

It would be like Hendrick buying the Nationwide Series and having Johnson, Earnhardt, Gordon and Kahne to drop down to ‘his’ series.

Isnt WoO sponsorless this yr? Might be his chance for dethroning them.

I don’t see it Frass. I would think he could switch his teams over no prob and his sponsors wouldn’t care. Do the WoO races pay that much more than All Stars? I would imagine it costs the same to get the car there to either but his money surely comes more from sponsors than purse doesn’t it? I dunno, but it will be interesting to see what happens.

He def does give back and the incident last year has actually made me like him a little more than before rather than the other way around.

When was the last time you saw a televised All Stars race? Sponsors love TV time and big in-person audiences. … in both cases, the WoO dwarfs what they have.

And the money to be made has a MUCH higher potential in the WoO.

If all else WERE equal, why would a team travel to every corner of the US, when they could stay in 1 relatively small region?

Costs, travel, and time are MUCH more demanding… but so are the rewards.

Besides… it could be seen as a major conflict of interest if the series owner was fielding 3 of the regulars on the Tour.

This would only divide the sport, not unite it… which is his goal.

Is WoO on TV? I don’t have cable, not being funny either. Best $100 a month I ever saved

Good points though!

The Outlaws get probably 8-10 TV appearances a year. Knoxville, Williams Grove, Eldora, Charlotte, Las Vegas, etc.

To my knowledge, the All Stars have zero TV time with the possible exception of Mav-TV which I don’t get.