2015 Statewide FL Sportsman Rules...Close, But No Cigar...

In the four years I have been racing Sportsman cars in Florida, 2015 is the closest I have seen to uniform rules for the division statewide. Unlike Super Late Models, Pro Late Models, Modifieds and Pro Trucks, Sportsman rules have been very different track-to-track. This year, with NSS leading the way by revamping their antiquated rules, they are almost all the same…almost. To save everyone time that is considering traveling around, I’ll point out the MAJOR differences:

All tracks have the left side weight rule at 56% EXCEPT for Desoto (57%).

All tracks have a minimum of a 105 inch wheelbase EXCEPT New Smyrna, Orlando, Three Palms and Desoto (104 inch minimum).

All tracks allow a 1.5 inch carburetor spacer EXCEPT for Bronson (1") and Auburndale and Showtime (1" Crate, 1.5" Open Motor).

The only other oddball rules are a hefty 50 lb. weight penalty for a quick change rear at Bronson and the 64" track width rule and the ridiculously low $65 shock claimer rule at Showtime. (Desoto’s $125 rule is more realistic for the class).

All in all the rules are pretty close and should be a more inviting proposition to get guys to travel around. Couple this with low fuel prices for tow vehicles AND crate motor pump gas AND the switch to the Hoosier R750 tire which doesn’t drop off after 100 laps (or probably even more) and Sportsman racing is more affordable than it has been in a long, long time. (Although there seems to be no one willing to make a formal announcement, I’m officially declaring that the Hoosier R750 is the new mandated tire for Sportsman cars at EVERY track in the state. If anyone has evidence to the contrary, please offer the proof. If you have a good or new set of Hoosier 650/450’s, you might want to race in the Sportsman 50 portion of NSS’s World Series. It is likely the last race they will be allowed and also a good opportunity to get your sponsors in front of a good crowd at the track AND on free internet TV.)

Sounds very promising, Scott!

If there are large car counts and double file racing, it could be big!

Sad to say this class is all but dead (though it’s called Super Stock) at 5 Flags and Mobile. They only have 2 races scheduled all year and I have seen every car (which is only 5 or 6) that ran 2014 for sale. Sucks as this is my favorite class.

Sorry to hear that, Lurkin. Me and a crew guy went to the Snowball to help Patrick Thomas run against those guys and there was a really good field. But the Snowball is one, very big race. The funny thing was I heard Ricky Brooks was pushing for the panhandle area Super Stock rules to be implemented over here for Sportsman rules. Only one track wanted to switch as the others felt (like I do) that the division is on the rise lately and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If anything, they should follow some of our rules. I’m sure the ability to run a $10k motor and basically big spring Super Late chassis stuff is not helping that class, despite the 5" ride height rule.

I guess the thought is/was that teams could pretty much run any old Late Model stuff. That seems good on the surface, but it seemed to me that the costs of running one seemed equal to the cost of the Pro Late… why not just have a Pro Late? They pay a lot more and run more laps and races and are covered more in the press. I like Dave Mader, who pretty much dominated in the class (Super Stocks-Your Sportsman) in an old Southern All Star car, but he referred to the wedge car that was purpose built for the class, legal, and faster than him (in Q multiple times) just not driven as aggressively as him as “that thing”. That “thing” wasn’t at the derby, it’s for sale…it also has character reflecting the guys that built it. Unlike his car which pretty much looks like every other late model and is imo boring to look at aside from him wheeling it harder than everybody else. I guess things change…
This class was/is for the “Sportsmen” who can’t afford to run against the big dollar teams, who make their own stuff and it is different than Late Models…a throwback. I like Dave, he’s super nice and I’m sure knows more about racing than I ever will, but I know what I like and it ain’t another ABC bodied class. Being from S Fla I was tickled when he got beat by the crate motored Sportsman cars from down south. Especially Patrick because I know he’s legal :slight_smile: I was talking to another guy up here too and he wasn’t so sure, of course, but we know. As their class dies, we know.

Hey Scott,
We got Bronson to change the rules to 56% Left Side and only 50lbs for a quick change. The new rules and schedule are on their new website bronsonspeedway.net. Hope to see you come up and race some with us this year.
Brent Cooper #97

[QUOTE=bigmoose97;155127]Hey Scott,
We got Bronson to change the rules to 56% Left Side and only 50lbs for a quick change. The new rules and schedule are on their new website bronsonspeedway.net. Hope to see you come up and race some with us this year.
Brent Cooper #97[/QUOTE]

Hey Brent! I really enjoy running Bronson with you, Tommy Ausburn and Shelton Bowers. You guys are all good guys and true racers. I wanted to come up last year but Ann was too herky-jerky with the schedule and I couldn’t make it happen. I love the challenge of racing Bronson. It’s the only bullring I will race at, anymore. I have a hole in my schedule in August and will try to come up then. Maybe another time or two if rainouts at other tracks cut my schedule. I think it’s smart to go to 56% left side like everyone else but Leroy has got to get rid of the quick change penalty. No one else has it anymore and never should have to begin with since a QC robs more HP than a 9 inch. 50 lbs ain’t that big a deal to me but will probably keep other guys from coming that travel. Why not get rid of it completely? Will that many regulars be upset? I would think that Bronson would need to get their rules in line with everyone else to attract more cars. I love it up there but the car counts on most nights are lacking.