Desoto Results from 2-7

2-07- 2015

Sprint Cars

  1. 88 Dave Steele Tampa
  2. 5 Mickey Kempgens Tampa
  3. 18 Shane Butler Bushnell
  4. 92 Dave Retzlaff Brooksville
  5. 11 Joey Aguilar Tampa
  6. 15 Stan Butler Bushnell
  7. 3 Travis Bliemeiter Venice
  8. 33 Ernie Teed Jr. Sarasota
  9. Scotty Adema Ft. Myers
    10… 6 Matt Alfonso Tampa
    11 22 Johnny Gilbertson Tampa
  10. 84 Matthew Hall Apollo Beach D.N.S.
  11. 1 Garrett Green Valrico DQ
    Pro Trucks
  12. 41 Steve Darvalics Venice
  13. 50 Danny Anderson Bradenton
  14. 36 Chad Chastain Alva
  15. 59x Becca Monopoli Lakeland
  16. 64 Brent Huber Venice
  17. 14 Sam Scott Naples
  18. 28 Cory Bigley Naples
  19. 12 Scott Hogan Naples
  20. 51 Phil Ellis Port Charlotte
  21. 99 Cody Martell Arcadia
  22. 5 Richard Griffis West Palm
  23. 32 Dean Butrum Venice
  24. 47 Timothy Bagnall Daytona Beach
  25. 77 Randy Leonard Lake Placid
    Street Stock
  26. 29 Bobby Mobley Eagle Lake
  27. 91 Andy Jackson Punta Gorda
  28. 27 John Heidenthal Myakka city
  29. 45 Mike Karrivan Bradenton
  30. 77 James Dellea 3rd. Port Charlotte
  31. 93x Joe Gentry Punta Gorda
    7 1 Drew Allen Naples
    8 29x Donnie Funk
  32. 72 Roger Dufresne Bradenton
  33. 93 Jeff Firestine Venice
  34. 88 Jimmy Castleberry Bartow
  35. 33 Ronnie Brock Jr. Sebring D.N.S.
  36. 23 Kenny Gibson Venice
    2.6 Danny Burchfield Auburndale
    3.57 Aaron Holmes Auburndale
  37. 93 Jeff Firestine Venice
  38. 15 Clint Snyder North Port
    6.25 No Name
  39. 10 Tristan Collins North Port
  40. 22 Anna Marie Ricardi Naples
  41. 24 Jeff Pacheco Port Charlotte
  42. 22x Randy Spicer New Port Richie
    11 75 Josh Todd
  43. 29 Bobby Mobley Eagle Lake
  44. 0 Jimmy Castleberry Bartow
  45. 34 Jody Gill Auburndale
  46. 23x Bandon Duchscherer Aburndale D.N.S.
  47. 00 Darin Coker Palm Beach
  48. 5 Seth Adams Lakeland
  49. 21 Devin McLeod Zephyhills
  50. 7 Mike Verhaagh Ft.Myers
  51. 26 Joey Langis Coral Springs
    6… 48fl Carl Haag Port St. Lucy
  52. 23 Kenny Gibson Venice
  53. 54 Tony Steinbuck Tamarac
  54. 01 Doug Hall St. Pete
    School Bus
  55. 0 Mike Gamache Tarpon Springs
  56. 49 No Name
  57. 25 No Name
  58. 26 David McClafin Myakka City
  59. 90 No Name
  60. 4 Henry Petrowwicz Bradenton
  61. 01 Amy Jones
  62. 31 Shawn Senokossoff Clearwater

Teehee. Heard butler showed his ass and got his lights knocked out…

That aside. Fabulous night. Looking fwd to tomorrow.


hey katz—find a few of us in the lot tomorrow tailgating as usual. big white van. r.

Congrats to GARRET GREEN you drove a great race from the back to the front,and the pass for the lead on steele on the out side was price less,yes you were dq but it wasn’t for the durometer rule nor prepping the tire,get a load of this you were dq because the teck man who I and seven other people saw mark yur tires with orange paint said that wasn’t the paint he used,sp o guess they think we went to wallmart and tried to match there paint, what a joke

Horror stories

I keep thinking about racing down there, because they have good car counts, but I just keep hearing how there is always some kind of film flam going down and it’s usually the unknowns getting railed to make way for the big name drivers. :ohmy:

Umm who are u.

Probably Butlers fan club, don’t go. LOL !

So I guess this is as good a time as any to say I noticed 5 Flags/Mobile are advertising that their openers will be The King o The Wing group not Must See Extreme of the last several years. Should be interesting.

That sucks for the new Double GG, pass Steele on the outside and have it taken away.

Maybe Florida needs an outsider like Davey H to come in and moderate?

Hahahah. I was thinking the same. Just what I dont wanna do… hang out with a strange man in a white van.

I help on the 7 car that garret drove last night, No ez not me, Lurkin florida sprint car racing needs something fast and in a bad way

Kat are about a size 14?


Ok… I am confused.

It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.


[QUOTE=Lurkin;155163]It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.


You are strange. I hope I never meet you

kat you have never watched the movie silence of the race track :ohmy::ohmy:

Hey Katz

One free hint…that would be Jerry and his buddy Roger…the “Party Dueo”…OSF

Yeah, well you can’t get a movie reference and worse, you like Joey Aguilar, so the feeling is mutual.

Who the fudge has time for movies??? I am always at the races!!!

Seriously tho… movie references are very much lost on me.

Lurkin… I am glad we can finally agree on something.