come on three palms

I want to start by saying I have attended every race card that has been put on since the Hasse family re-opened the old speedway in Punta Gorda.I’m pretty sure that streak ended saturday night.Come on Jaime you opened up a concession stand saturday night and had a few of your friends do a drive by next to it because that sure wasnt a race card.That is the first time in my life I left a race track with two races to go and two laps left in the race that was on the track at the time i left.You cant really call that a racetrack with 3 or 4 cars on the track in almost every division.Granted they’re was 7 dwarfs,but they’re was also only 2 mod minis and your 4 cylinder class was m.i.a.Four cars in every other division.Then you started as close to on time as you have been since you re-opened only to follow the heat races(helmet dashes?)with a 45 minute intermission?Really?A 45 minute break?I can sit at home and listen to Foreigner on the stereo at home I dont need to pay to do that.And could you please turn that damn music off when the cars are racing?Its annoying to have to constantly listen to that but you cant get Andy to do a decent job of being an actual announcing?Talk up your track,talk up somebody else’s track or something but do something related to racing over that p.a. system than play the Eagles,Foreigner,Bob Seger etc.Its not 1980 anymore and what you are doing is of no service to your track.I know you have a decent crowd coming out now but look around at the average age of it Jaime.Come May those people will vanish when they snowbird back north.The rest will go away once you get your stands in and they have to start paying double the price to watch crap,and i mean total crap like you ran saturday night.I’ve been to races at Bronson and Hendry County that looked like a NASCAR event in comparison to what you guys put on saturday.And Im wondering why about a half dozen of your v8 bomber guys who live close decided for desoto this weekend.Whats up with that?

Desoto had a big weekend with the icebreaker. I was surprised 3 Palms even ran, I knew they wouldn’t get any cars.

And this is the first time i’ve missed the icebreaker in 6 years,but after the car counts I saw at 3 palms on saturday I would have been totally pissed off to pay 25 bucks to go see low car counts.The management at 3 palms has to realize that people will eventually stop paying a cover charge to get into a concession stand.And one reply to my whining?Does that mean nobody cares or nobody on this board is going there?Or does everyone else on here feel satisfied watching 2,3,and 4 car features?

I think racers and fans wrote the place off some time ago. There were far too many promises of getting " up and running " and far too little actual progress. Yes, they were left with a huge mess by the former tenant, but they could have easily constructed a brand new track from scratch in the time it’s taken to be where they are today, at about 50% " up and running ".

look at payouts
low payouts means low car count desoto was even closed 2-14-15
and there still was no cars last night