Richard petty driveing to close at disney.

just on the news Richard petty driveing closeing at disney for good. said they are knocking the track down to make way for new transportion project.

So long, we hardly knew ya, Disney Speedway.

I attended an early IRL indy car race there–maybe the first one.

Not a bad track, not a bad race.

I just read that, too. I work for them at Daytona part time, and have worked at Disney some, and I had not heard that. Sorry to see that track go.

I went over there for the IRL race, pretty impressive track. Too bad Disney never put any effort into promoting racing there.

Sad, saw a Silver Crown race there years ago. Great track.

Really guys, that track sucked according to the drivers and teams that raced there.

One prominent Indy car driver was asked about the track, she said it was technically challenging, then my friend said to her " you mean it sucks ?" She said “Yes” LOL !

Tell Janet Guthrie to get out of the way and put her hoveround back on the rear of the lincoln!

No safer barriers, multiple Indy drivers paralyzed or injuries that ended their careers.

Craftsman truck drivers hated it.

The track sucked.

Seems like they had a problem with the IRL cars of the day–period– prior to crash-o-meters and prior to some sort of crush zone back there. I think they were injuring drivers at other tracks as well…

All I know is that I do not generally like indy car racing, but went with a friend who did and thought it was a pretty good race.

Early multi-banked texas earned the definition of “suckle”, and you can hang that on the Bristol re-make(s) as well, IMO.

I do not remember any odd transistions or etc. at Disney, but ya know, maybe I just missed the issues.

Wrong lady Old School. It was Lyn St. James

Also, If memory serves me correctly, Tony Stewart was disappointed in the track as well. He drove an Indy car there.

Tony also once said he was pulling all the Goodyears off everything he owned and replacing them with Firestones, and suggested they run half the race at Daytona clockwise, and…!

But you do seem to have a number of testimonies.

I usually admire Disney, they are money-making capitalists! However, they always seemed CLUELESS about that track.

Maybe Petty will start using Speedworld!

they want a road course for their exotic cars.

Yes, I realize that. We were told by management a couple years ago that the Exotics were the future of the company. I think there is room at OSW to build a road course comparable is size to what we used at Disney.