I braved the cold and sought out some 410’s last night. Was a little disappointed in the qty (28) but not the quality. They were real fast last night low 13’s high 12’s and ran a relatively clean night. Cody Darrah drove like a peckerhead in the feature and, after being lapped, proceeded to slide job the top five cars enough to piss off most of them as they tried to get by. Dave Blaney was bad fast but got caught up in somebody elses mess and got his car lovebugged to Schatz requiring a red flag to unhook them.

Mods were low too (49) but still a bunch of them and good racing throughout. The High Side Tickler won over Ty Dillon. Speaking of him - why don’t asphalt guys seem to carry cool nicknames anymore? Everybody on dirt seems to have one - it kinda gets you into the show hearing all the nicknames.

If anything - i would say this yrs DirtcarNationals was in a bit of a decline. Crowd was OK to good but not close to packed. Even the pork chop sammich was kinda skimpy this year.

Overall good show and saw plenty o racing and home by 11.

One more night at VSP then headed to NSS for a few nights.

That Pork Chop Samich Lady gonna be lookin for you…and she don’t play…OSF

I am older and wiser now OSF…It was the beer lady that tore me up on here for my unwelcome observations. I have nothing but nice things to say about her :):slight_smile:

Now he pork chop guy - he is skimping on the chops and aint half as purdy as she was.