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NASCAR Marketing Dept. has decreed that the pit entrance and exit are now to be known as ingress and egress. No, i’m not making this stuff up.

And the fans shall henceforth be known as “ingrates”.

So, the Ingrates shall Ingress via the Injectors.

Makes perfect sense.

“ingress and egress”? You could use those same terms for the concessions and restrooms.

You’re confused.

That is part of the NASCAR “recycling” program.

Looks the same coming and going.

Yes you could. But i’m sure the NASCAR Marketing machine has a overly cute and precocious new name for those too that will be released in good time.

What the hell is going on here Harvard and Yale don’t use the terms at their football or crocuet fields. I guess the pissers are history also. Me thinks Big Bill would not approve.

Me thinks Brian has instructed his people to run away from everything " Big Bill " just as fast as possible. It’s all about making NASCAR your own legacy, not your fathers’ or grandfathers’.

New term for fans who don’t come to NASCAR races anymore… “re-jectors.”

Nascar can kiss my egress. Brian France is the ultimate tool, and not in a good way. The thing is, I don’t believe he realizes how foolish he looks to the average fan. Change for the sake of change. SMH.

But then, looking at the smilies, there’s always… :ernaehrung004:

I will respectfully disagree.

Big (bad) Bill was also a promoter and did what he could to further his cause–and that cause was first and foremost to make cash. I suspect there were things that were above board, and perhaps some that weren’t.

Brian is a different guy in a different age trying to accomplish the same thing.

Last year’s Chase was the most exciting wrap up to a season EVER, imo, including grandpappy’s day.

Remember King Richard being about a gazillion points ahead with several races to go? I do.

ps–Am not a fan of Brian’s, per se, but then I never really cared for any of the Nascar brass, Bill or Bill Jr. included.

Naw, the closest finish was Tony Stewart over Carl Edwards. Strangely, Petty being a gazillion points ahead never affected the ticket sales. In fact, until Brian took over, the sport had a steady growth rate and they didn’t even have " the chase ".
Bill Sr. and Bill Jr. grew the sport of stock car racing, albeit in their own sometimes borderline criminal ways. It’s only since Brian and his corporate types took over that the sport dropped in popularity. Geez, they couldn’t even keep the NASCAR Hall of Fame open.
I agree Brian is a different person in a different time. I always knew what Bill Sr. and Bill Jr. were trying to accomplish. I’ve never been sure exactly what Brian is trying to accomplish.