NSS Live Streaming On the innertubes

Starts tonight, fanschoice.tv kickin ass in my opinion

Wow I am impressed, awesome coverage!!! Can’t wait to get down there next week.

Definitely fantastic coverage. I am very impressed and have never been so glad to be wrong. This is awesome! That battle for the lead between Shafer and Burton in the SLM race was pretty sick too! lol

Where is it?


Nobody in the grandstands, it looks like, at least during the Pro LM feature…

Coverage is awesome better than the networks, hope they do at all the big races.

What happened with Rogers and Keene? It was like they wrecked under caution or were well behind the initial wreck and the cameras didn’t catch it. Even the announcers seemed confused about it and just never really mentioned it.

Rogers had everything cleared and someone maybe Keene spun and shot up from bottom and hit his left front. There was a secondary wreck that got Keene crossed up.

Thanks bubba

I was really impressed with the coverage. It definitely sh*t on that turd of a production Speed51 tried to put on for the Snowball Derby. And best of all, it was free! Hopefully this becomes the norm for some of the out of state and not so local races so we can still support them.

I saw this morning Preece got DQ’ed in the mods for weight and Spencer Davis got DQ’ed in the Super and the Pro LM…I couldnt find anything on why Davis got DQ’ed. Anyone got any insight on that?

I’m not sure we’ll be able to make it over there this year, so the coverage is great. Way ahead of that terrible Speed51 effort. Who and/or what is behind these broadcasts? Never heard about any of this until you guys posted yesterday. I wonder how long it will be free.

Speed51 is behind the broadcast, Bob Dilner was the main commentator and he owns 51.

Thanks Rick. This is waaayyyy better than their previous " broadcasts ".

It is a fairly new venture for them. Maybe they realized they needed to get it out there for free to put the Derby deal behind em and get some good buzz going around.

Anyone know the broadcast deal for tonight? I know they are not allowed to broadcast while fox is on at dis. They said they would be streaming after w taped coverage? I wasnt sure but am in Orlando at a vball tournament and want to watch.

Says 10:30 PM on fanschoice.tv, but yes I heard em say after the Daytona coverage.

They have some of the races posted on the site if anyone missed it. I don’t think it’s the full 9 nights but it’s better than nothing.

I thought the coverage was excellent.:aktion033: