Ohhh - Steven Wallace

I had started to turn the corner on you as a driver, then last night happened. Every driver interviewed after the second race (some during - that you had a hand in finishing early) had such glowing things to say.

I was most impressed with Hunter the SteeringWheelNinja Robbins - who chucked his steering wheel at Wallace with such deadly accuracy as to knock the mirror off and bust his master power switch - nearly incapacitating his car.

Once a Duck - always a Duck…

Throwing the steering wheel? And I missed it? Hopefully the fans had a good view!

I left during the Pro Lates last night and watched the Supers when i got home - they have the throw on tape. I read in Speed51’s article that Wallace said it did some damage - although Drew Brannon also threw something at him - so maybe it was his throw that did it.

Hey that reminds me !!!

Of an idea I heard from the comedian Gallagher. He said we could give all drivers little magnetic arrows to throw at the other cars when they cut you off in traffic , or make a stupid U-turn . Then when a cop sees someone driving around with 3 arrows on his car he pulls them over and gives them a ticket. I guess Steven’s car would have looked like a porcupine . Ha ha

Video - “Speedshot Cameras - Florida Sprint Car Racing”

Video - “Speedshot Cameras - Florida Sprint Car Racing”

Speedshot cameras at turn three at Volusia Speedway Park, and at the front straight at New Smyrna Speedway, the fastest dirt track for sprint cars in Florida, and the fastest pavement track for sprint cars in the state

Dirt - Volusia Speedway Park, World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series, 410 sprint cars, Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pavement - New Smyrna Speedway, TBARA Sprint Car Series, 360 sprint cars, Saturday, August 30, 2014


ha ha that’s a good one, I’m sure everyone who commutes in Orlando and Tampa would be porcupines

Perhaps, but there would be less of them if Steven also made the commute…(ba-boomph).

Somehow I pull for the guy. I am guessing “daddy” was/is not the easiest guy to get along with–or whose shoes Steven is trying to fill.

Steven–If you happen to read this and that happens to ring true–let it go, man.

Rusty was/is a champion, but in my book is also not…perfect.

Be your own man, enjoy your own sucesses.

Definitely doesn’t take after uncle Kenny who I consider to be one of auto racings premier ambassadors. I kind of hope Kenny is never asked to comment on Steven in a public forum as it would not be fair to him. Would love to have the other ambassador, Kenny Schraders views on the subject.

Am betting it would go something like “Hey, as long as he is not running into me I am good with it!”

Haven’t heard, is Kenny at VSP and/or still behind the wheel these days?