Coulter Pro-Truck Series cancels dirt races for 2015.

As I make this announcement I am disappointed because I know how much Joey wants this to work, and how good the dirt races really were last year at North Florida Speedway. But after hearing from and talking to a good number of drivers and realizing that we would be struggling to get support and truck count, and in fairness to the tracks as we do not want to show up and not have a good product to offer them. We are canceling the dirt races for this season and will be reviewing how we may be able to make dirt racing work for trucks in the future. I have been working today to revise a schedule, and need to finish talks but we will add 2 asphalt races. This will give a total of 16, we will still have 2 drops so your top 14 races will count toward your series points. I hope to have the final points fund ready to announce this week as well. I would ask everyone to please keep the remarks to yourselves as we move forward. We understand not everyone agreed with the dirt races but remarks do not help that we are trying to build a viable series that helps drivers become the best they can be. Thank you and I hope to see a big number of you this weekend at Citrus County Speedway ! I will have have weekend info out by tomorrow evening !