Sportsman 50 Lap Race

50 Lap Race scheduled for March 14 2015
No entry fee
No required tire or fuel purchase
Pays 750 to win.
Tires are R750 and are available at track.
Looking forward to seeing everybody .

" no required tire or fuel purchase " Alright Critter!!! Things are changing for the better at Auburndale already. Sorry you’re not over here anymore, but maybe you can turn that place around.
The insanity of grabbing every dime the racers have is self defeating, and i’m glad to see you’ve begunto do something about it. Of course, as Bronson Speedway pointed out, the racers are often still stuck because if they don’t purchase track tires and gas, they will be left out of points fund money. Sorta sounds like blackmail to me.

I appreciate the props but it’s not me .We have a real good bunch of guys at Auburndale .
Thanks Critter