NASCAR love it or hate it......

[SIZE=“4”]No matter if you love it or if you hate it. :confused:This year looks to be another year of close competition, lots of action, three winners in three different race, and always great to see your driver driving their butts off. I love the human side stories. Martin’s (#76) story of dealing with his girl friends cancer, and Vickers (#55) come back after heart surgery. :sprachlos020:Can’t wait till next weeks race. Who’s the next winner going to be??? Remember to support your local tracks.:sport009: Great place to see the future stars of tomorrow (remember seeing Aric (#43) driving Open Modifies in the SARA Series).:slight_smile: [/SIZE]

I hate to see Gordon having bad luck, hitting wall without safer barrier last week, wrecked by Danica in practice at Vegas.

Nasca… ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.:smilie_bett:

Luck had nothing to do with Gordon’s weekend. For some reason he couldn’t manage to avoid Danica’s sliding car. And for that same reason ( whatever it is ) he managed to plow right into the back of poor Burton when Johnson went into the wall. Old age getting to Gordon???

I thought that was what the middle laps were for.

Ok , I did not see wreck with her. I’m not a big Jeff Gordon fan either, I would like to see the struggling Roush team be able to win again.

I’m with you Gary J…

[SIZE=“4”]I would like to see a Gibbs Toyota in the Winners Circle.:slight_smile: They have ran good during the races, but just can’t get a break at the end. :(They are all GREAT Drivers (if David Wins would be wild) and the forth Team (#19 Carl Edwards) and the MWR should allow for a strong Toyota Win.:huepfen024::huepfen024: Can’t wait for Friday. :sport009:Go NASCAR Go…[/SIZE]