AAron's Takes on big sponsorship at Citus

Aaron’s has taken the winners circle sponsorship for the 2015 season at Citus County Speedway. The Staff of Citrus County Speedway want to take AAron for coming on board with us and we look forward to working with them through out the 2015 season. Aarons will have a booth every Saturday night at the track so please come out and talk to there staff on there great deals they have.

Congratulations to both Aaron’s & Citrus County Speedway.

Am sure it will be a mutually beneficial arrangement!

Bringing in a national company ( one that won’t force the drivers to buy anything ) as a sponsor is a big step in the right direction.
It can be done !!! Congrats!

Aaron’s is huge! That’s awesome getting someone like that.

if you don’t mind my asking? What is their contribution? Products. point fund, weekly purse?